Monday, June 30, 2008

This Shit is so Mike Jaynes Centric

Sir Mike Jaynes and I have come to a mutual agreement that we will each attempt to revive our blogging. In days of yore, he and I would blog for hours in a violent struggle for internet supremacy. Most impartial observers would say that I was victorious as I garnered hundreds of unique hits from dozens of countries. Including my father who thought that he was so internet savvy that he could read my genius without my knowing.

On a side note, my father once believed he found a stash of my porn on the family computer. To offset this, he deleted all of the files that he found and replaced them with a word document saying something to the effect of "I caught you." At the time, a more apt note would have been, "Max, despite the fact that you have been reaching puberty with the speed that Cuba is adopting Democratic reform, I will continue to stunt your maturation by preventing your development of sexual urges and self-induced pleasures. In fact, I intend to take a picture of your hairless armpits and distribute it to any female that you could potentially consider to be a penal receptacle." I should note that I was 17 at the time and yes my dad is vulgar enough for that to be a proper representative of his thought process. Anyway, my father's apprehension was incorrect as this was not my material. At the time I had put a separate hard drive in to the computer, accessible only through a serious of arduous passwords and wire connections.

So I think the moral of the story, which is completely in line with the start of this post is... Who's shit was it on that computer, it sure as hell was not mine.

Also, why is Hulk Hogan's wife dating a teenager? Is she trying to redefine the phrase cougar? If so, she should get her own reality TV show because Dina Lohan is setting the bar pretty high.

counter point

Hey guys, I just got a new apartment at Greenbriar and W. Alabama and I'm really excited about it. So, if you come in town you really can hang out at my apartment. Also, I hope some of you will be in Houston this weekend for forth of July! Andrew WK is playing on the 5th at this warehouse along with tons of other awesome bands so you can come hang out with me.

i love you!

pick up some slack

if you know about this blog then you have admin skillz, when you sign in go to customize at the top right corner----> settings tab--------------> permissions THEN contact the others in a better fashion if those emails are bubcaus! sp?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I think I've got the wrong blog..

Since I'm in Las Vegas currently, I figured my first blog post should be about the fabulous city - I plan to do a longer rant-ier post about Las Vegas but I'm lazy right now and want to get something up on the scoreboard, as it were. So in an effort to entertain the masses and update you guys on my trip in general, I present the Top 10 Things I've Learned In Vegas (this time around).

10. $20 on black was a terrible choice, Sean Bibby.
9. Fatburger makes a good burger, but it pales in comparison to the glory of In-and-Out Burger.
8. Steel Panther is the most metal fucking band in the whole fucking Earth, man. Especially when the singer from The Darkness shows up.
7. The desert is still hot as hell, but the foresty mountains of Utah are gorgeous and significantly cooler. Also, they tap for one green or red mana.
6. I can drink a lot more tiny free beers at a beer tasting than I would've guessed. WITHOUT throwing up, no less!
5. Gretchen aka Sexcopter is still fucking crazy.
4. The rare bookseller in The Venetian is amazing. Anybody want to buy me a first edition of Huckleberry Finn? It's only $15,000.
3. I can literally spend an entire afternoon watching Unbeatable Banzuke.
2. Driving in Las Vegas traffic is unimaginable torment.
1. If the charming lady next to you at the bar asks if you "like to party", it's probably best to say no.

Also, the bean dips banner is the best thing in the world.

Friday, June 27, 2008

talking shit about a pretty sunset.

gay pride weekend in houston.
who's gonna come get gay with me?

brian sucks

a) brian, i love the "122" title.
b) brian, i mostly don't even like you.
c) i got a really nice email from mari and she sounds like she's doing better. not to make this the saddest blog ever, but would you like me to post it?
love, josephine "cooler than sean" bibby

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Evil tator tots

Ah look, another tool to help me procrastinate on the internet.

I won't have internet at my own place when I move in July, so that might help my obsession.

My name on my blog I secretly have is Rara Avis, and I guess that is how it will show up on here. BUT I AM SARAH EVIL!!!!

What meaning does 122 have?

banana laffy taffy

where do pigs park?

in a porking lot!

har har har.

some rules!

1st rule of fight blog is . . .
dont talk about fight blog

2nd rule of fight blog is . . .
dont talk about fight blog

3rd rule of fight blog is . . .
no one can revoke anyone's admin capabilities

4th rule of fight blog . . .
there or no rules, as long as they don't interfere with the previous rules

and finally . . .
if this is you first blog, you have to post


hey bro's and and ho's

here is our blog i created. im going to try and make everyone admins so yall can post/edit blah blah blah

have at it.