Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008


remember when i was sued by those people i was living with? well, nick (the guy i was living with) has been posting on this message board on the vinyl collective website where people trade/sell/talk about records and punk music and stuff. so apparently, he's been "selling" people records, but when people pay him thru paypal he takes the money and then either doesn't send the records or sends them really really delayed.

so, people have been posting this all over the internet and i think it's hilarious.


bahahahaha. ronniethebear. you are a sucka, son.
everything is stupid.

also, what the hell is going on with this hurricane? someone tell me if i should be worried because i don't pay attention to my surroundings so i don't know if i'm going to need to evacuate.

ugggggh. someone give me a job. i am so dumb quitting this illegal job without getting a legal one.

also, can someone tell me i have skills cause i feel completely useless. thanks.

i miss mike jaynes already. that dashing young stallion.

Politics = boring. Dog + trampoline = lulz

i know nobody cares, but the combination of surprise and ego compel me to brag that i totally called both vp choices.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Barack Obama just gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard. If you didn't see it, I'm sorry. I will tell my grandchildren about this night.

Guffaw me in the comments and test the limits of my inner total dick.

Brian, Aaron, I know you want to talk shit. Do it. I am calling your ass out like Obama did McCain.
i just wrote this huge fucking entry about all this shit that has happened today and yesterday and this bullshit deleted it.


i'm in grad school.

Man, shit has been whack.

The new job was a bust as they were stealing art from museums and selling them to people in random, freshly-built neighbor hoods under the claim that the art was from model homes and the company was giving the residents an chance to "grab what they'd like for a discounted price of 80% off."

yes. i was apart of an illegal operation for a few hours. this shit was so crazy i can't even explain it on here. it's too wild.

so, today i got up and was like "ok katie. let's teach. you like some kids and being in charge of shit and waking up at 6am and grading papers in your free time at the bar, you should go do this."
so, i did. i originally went just to get info on a teaching certificate for people who have already graduated college and found out that a certificate is only 9 hours away from a masters degree. hell, why not!
so, now i'm trying to hunt down some loans and shit to help me fund my new found career path.


So much better than the real thing

A Nickelback Re-Interpretation

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Send all pipe bombs and anthrax to:

Michael Jaynes
126 South Green Dr. Room #124
Athens, OH 45701-3119

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new phone #

my new phone number is (281) 460 3315

also i have no one's #'s anymore so . . .
leave me yours, and that would be great
hey, i've watched this at least 27 times today.

sean bibby i love you for making me watch this.

Monday, August 25, 2008


hot dog bun + Avacado + tobasco hummus + hot dog + pepper jack cheese = in effect times 2


I had a really good time this weekend. It was great to see everyone who came. When we got home I slept decently for the first time in months. Happy birthday Chris and Katie.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

got flooded!

no phone till further notice

new # cumming soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Katie, this is for you.

From my facebook friends status update page-

"Lindsey Petrossi is encouraging everyone to listen to Electric Touch! And possibly just landed her dream job PROMOTING them!!!!!!"

Poor girl.


if you love DC comics, or are annoyed by comic movies go to my blog . . . .mauahahahaha

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Helmut Cometh

Oh. My. Gawd.

What the hell has ever been better than this?

The pager. The Dynamo jersey. The Helmut. The mean mugging.

This wouldn't have been possible without you my friends. Long live Upton!

Camping tomorrow!!!!

Everyone should probably bring a raincoat and a flashlight tomorrow. I just checked the weather and there is a 30% chance for rain tomorrow and 40% for Saturday and Sunday. The good news is that my source was the Weather Channel and they are generally not so good. Also, 30 and 40 are low numbers on a scale of 100.

If anyone complains I will invite them to another very special showing of ...
Just kidding. I don't want to get my balls wet.

Does anyone have one of those camping coffee percolators? That would be sweet.

Is anyone bringing prostitutes? that would be sweeter.

If anyone still has questions about where to go, the campsite is at Ratcliff Lake on Hwy 7 about 35 miles outside of Nacogdoches. I would post the Google map, but I assume that if you are reading this you have fingers and access to the internet.
official birthday song:

atmosphere- the glass house.

a dream fulfilled

I has a kitteh now!

His name is LAZLO....he's precious of course.

He's white and grey...Greg and I caught the little guy outside...he's a stray, but he's very good-tempered...almost monkey-like. He's 6-7 weeks old. He purrs and cuddles and plays. He let me trim his nails.


And I wanted to thank everyone who came to hang out with me while I was in town...I had a great time...felt really good to be back even for a day.

MIKE! I missed you! The upton stop sign is so cool. You guys are awesome.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

life of brian

i know mike just made a dinosaur comics post, but this gave me a new understanding of brians past choices.


when the boss is away Dru will play

until the boss gets back and i get fired.

In case you were wondering it was 79,999 + Andrew Moore


In honor of blazy who cant come. I give you: seantree1.

p.s. thats me with the tommy guns, and a frisbee that bounced off seantree1's crotch

ain't nobody dope as me.

peeps, i have a job interview at my dream job today. everyone pray to which ever deity they believe in because well, frankly, i'm broke number one and this job is fucking awesome number two.

interview at 3pm. i promise i'll twitter the shit out of all of you afterwards.

also, sean, mike, dan, and andrew. i'm wearing leggings and a dress. yes, the same leggings that i wore out and then slept in and then wore the entire next day.

but i febreezed them, so it's okay right?


also, i'm 23 tomorrow and i seriously am freaking out about it.
also also, i fell down my stairs last night and have a huge purple bruise on my ass. it's so hot, mike would be all over it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Wrestling

If you can't get the gold, settle for the brown?


I hate to push Chris' post down, but I wanted to share two things. First, we saw this on TV at the bar on Friday night and meant to call you, Brian, but.. this is a big deal.

Furthermore, Qwantz today made me lollerskate3000.

Chris (I believe Dru and Max will agree with me here) might I recommend BURNING THAT MOTHER DOWN?

Monday, August 18, 2008


I am fucking trashed. OK, maybe just a little drunk.

I got fired from my job today for stealing oxycontin. "Wow," you may say. I didn't actually steal any oxycontin. I begged my boss to drug test me, but he insisted that he had enough evidence to fire me. As it stands, he has to report that 104 tablets of oxycontin went missing in a three week period and I apparently stole all of them in one sitting.

Ridiculous, I know. He has to report the missing narcotics to the DEA. I might be arrested, but probably not.

I am going to try to find out what kind of evidence they have against me. What he told me was all circumstantial.

Anyway, I feel like shit. Does anyone have any oxycontin to make me feel better?

He is like Bruce Dickenson "COCK OF THE WALK BABY!"

i thought i would mention the Olympics since no one else has. Michael Phelps has broken world records and snagged gold medals (12 total?) anyway.....he breaks records and this was said in an article regarding his iPOD

'Phelps doesn't speak much about the specific songs he's listening to, but he did tell NBC in 2004 that Eminem's "'Til I Collapse" was on his most-played list at Athens.'

that happens to be one of my favorite rap song of all time, which can only mean i will break records.

and also, aaron when did you become so good? and not...short...

Uhh... yes?

I think Joe and Katie particularly might enjoy this one, though if it was uncensored Chris would enjoy it most.

Friday, August 15, 2008


more cat pictures

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

greatest way to go out ever

too much sc

Dynamo game

for those of you who are going to the Dynamo game, you need to have your shit straight. this isn't an area of your life, or my life, where fucking around is tolerated. you'll get beat and left to sober up in the gutter.

i have about two orange shirts that i'll bring for peeps. i'll be wearing my jumpsuit and my new jersey, and a orange bandanna. possibly my raincoat.

songs. you can listen to them. you'll need to. these are the badass hardhitting mother fuckers that we'll be standing with. most of the time you can pick up the songs as they start, so don't worry. just practice you spanish cusswords. we should go into the staduim with them, it is an experience like no other.

the texian army songs. these guys have a better tailgating setup, so we'll be with them most of the time up until the game. they're all pretty cool. you can bring some money to buy some sweeeet shirts from them. i think 5 bucks gets you all the beer and food you can handle.

after the game we are gonna goto the Mezzanene. the fewer cars the better, that way we have to have fewer DDs....onetwothreeNOTIT!

don't forget to make fun of max because he isn't coming.

More on Camping

Could you guys reply in the comments with what sort of camping supplies (tents, air matresses, cookware, lanterns) you have and are able to bring. Actually, just let me know what your are able to bring because I don't care what you have and are not bringing.

Here is a list of some personal items I would recomend:
1 emergency change of clothing
Rain Coat
Some tough shoes if you have any, but that doesn't really matter too much.

Also, if this is your first time camping, you have to fight.

RENT FOR $10.00

Gove Love: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story
1hr 28 min

Gov Love: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story. This dirty call girl knows a thing or two about getting the shaft from the government.

TV-MA, Released 2008

check it out.

birthdays are for humans

hey! chris' birthday is august 31, and katie's is august 21, and we are going camping august 22-24 to celebrate! we will be going to ratcliff lake, which is about 30 minutes southwest of nac (on the way to crockett).
chris and i at least will be there friday and saturday nights, so if you can only come one night, do that, if you can come both, do that! bring your dog if you have one.
it will be really fun, and pretty sexy. i will probably bring cake.
so doooooo.

either chris or i will soon post more details, and a list of what to bring so we can split up the costs.

Monday, August 11, 2008

we didn't start the fire

hey guys, got this email today.
thought you'd want to read it.
keep in mind that my job is to maintain electric touch's online communities, etc.
I wasn't getting numbers fast enough for them so my boss asked me to get interns. That's who AJ and Joanna are.

Lemme know what you think:

Hey Katie,
What are you doing I haven't heard from you or seen any changes
regarding my past email.
And a few more things,
What are you doing about street teams? I know Jennifer in Austin has
been reaching out to you for et errands, and you sent her some posters
for Last nights show on Friday which is crazy. Have you sent out
anything regarding our cd release to our street team? If not why not,
lets get this out ASAP. Can you send me all the names and regions for
the street teams.
Whats what I hear about Joanna and AJ doing your job, they're our
fans, we just send them fliers not our dirty work. We want to get our
friends involved but not doing our work.
It takes the same time to add a band and as it does a common myspacer.
Please don't start a ruckus lets just get the job done.

Take Care,

Christopher Leigh

oh my god obama


Too Soon?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

houston bound

im goign to houston for a couple days. if you have nothing to do and there is room in my car come roll with me . .ecspecially if you have a good sandwich.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


hey guys, i need help. if you have a myspace/have friends who have myspace can you/your friends add ELECTRIC TOUCH.

this is important because i need to pay rent until i find a new, real job.

seriously. help me. i love you.


also, hugs for anyone who comments. doesn't matter what it says, could say bawithdaba and i'd be happy.


it is called the "helmuuuut"

and you can't ever get enough.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i just got back from chicago and i want to move there tomorrow. will all of you come with me?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my latest twitter.

seanlb seanlb fucking new england revolution. fucking hate those guys. i'd punch matt reis in the goddamn face if i even heard his punk ass voice.fuck him

still good

i love this show so much


this is for jo


Monday, August 4, 2008

another case of chris's love for the CACK

chris "vaginas are sweet, but they are gross looking"

me "yeah cuz you love dicks so much"

chris "no dicks are gross too, but dicks are like car wrecks"


chris "yeah dude, you're just like wow?! why?"

Conversation with Brian about regarding above link:

Me: C'mon man that is hilarious. What kind of dude would seriously wear a skirt ...
Brian: The kind from Scotland.
Me: No that is a kilt. And they are bad ass.

Me: oooh, I'm gonna post this conversation.

let's keep these great fowl from going extinct.

birds have been in Texas since there was first a Texas

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008


Thank you guys so, so, so much for the other night. Honestly, it was one of the best nights of my life. Sorry that I didn't throw up in my bed or on a girl, but it was not for lack of trying.

I just wanted to post something on my leaving Nac, I guess - something about how much the place will always mean to me. I knew it was a place I was going to really enjoy after the first month of living at Upton, between all-night Civ3 games with Max and Dru, throwing up in my bed the first night, topless parties and everything else. I never really expected Nacogdoches to change me as much as it has, though. I never thought I'd feel so at home there, such a part of something, more than I ever felt in New Orleans when I was going to school there. And again, for that, I want to thank you guys. I have made what I feel to be life-long friendships, and I love you guys and I'm going to miss you. I won't miss the town, so much, even though it is a cheap and enjoyable place to live, but I'll miss the people. Even those that aren't a part of this blog or circle of friends, but who touched my life in ways here and there. I'm sad, having left, really sad, but I'm bolstered by my faith in you guys and my faith in our ability to remain friends, family, for a long long time.

I will see you guys in a couple weeks or so. In the meanwhile, I'm getting drunk for free with Dru tonight - he asked "want to go out for free drinks, Casteel is opening a bar tonight, wanna go out?" What kind of question is that.