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George Washington would love these

Japanese cat food commercials. If American companies used advertisements like this, every American cat would be clamoring for their food.

There are three more:

Commercial 2
Commercial 3 -My Favorite
Commercial 4

Friday, January 23, 2009


i would take 211 cans of mountain dew to kill me.
im going to drink 210 tonight at work.

Drunken Negro Face Cookies


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't fuck with Mascarita Dorada.

Fisting in the White House

Barack and Michelle Obama love fisting

Most of you dont care but i do so . . . .

Oscar Nominations

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Slumdog Millionaire

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - David Fincher
Frost/Nixon - Ron Howard
Milk - Gus Van Sant
The Reader - Stephen Daldry
Slumdog Millionaire - Danny Boyle

Richard Jenkins - The Visitor
Frank Langella - Frost/Nixon
Sean Penn - Milk
Brad Pitt - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler

Anne Hathaway - Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie - Changeling
Melissa Leo - Frozen River
Meryl Streep - Doubt
Kate Winslet - The Reader

Josh Brolin - Milk
Robert Downey Jr. - Tropic Thunder
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Doubt
Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
Michael Shannon - Revolutionary Road

Amy Adams - Doubt
Penélope Cruz - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Viola Davis - Doubt
Taraji P. Henson - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Marisa Tomei - The Wrestler

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Screenplay by Eric Roth, Screen story by Eric Roth and Robin Swicord
Doubt - Written by John Patrick Shanley
Frost/Nixon - Screenplay by Peter Morgan
The Reader - Screenplay by David Hare
Slumdog Millionaire - Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy

Frozen River - Written by Courtney Hunt
Happy-Go-Lucky - Written by Mike Leigh
In Bruges -, Written by Martin McDonagh
Milk - Written by Dustin Lance Black
WALL•E - Screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon, Original story by Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter

The Baader Meinhof Complex - Germany
The Class - France
Departures - Japan
Revanche - Austria
Waltz with Bashir - Israel

Bolt - Chris Williams and Byron Howard
Kung Fu Panda - John Stevenson and Mark Osborne
WALL•E - Andrew Stanton

Changeling - Art Direction: James J. Murakami, Set Decoration: Gary Fettis
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Art Direction: Donald Graham Burt, Set Decoration: Victor J. Zolfo
The Dark Knight - Art Direction: Nathan Crowley, Set Decoration: Peter Lando
The Duchess - Art Direction: Michael Carlin, Set Decoration: Rebecca Alleway
Revolutionary Road - Art Direction: Kristi Zea, Set Decoration: Debra Schutt

Changeling - Tom Stern
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -, Claudio Miranda
The Dark Knight - Wally Pfister
The Reader - Chris Menges and Roger Deakins
Slumdog Millionaire - Anthony Dod Mantle

Australia -, Catherine Martin
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Jacqueline West
The Duchess - Michael O’Connor
Milk - Danny Glicker
Revolutionary Road - Albert Wolsky

The Betrayal (Nerakhoon) (Cinema Guild), A Pandinlao Films Production, Ellen Kuras and Thavisouk Phrasavath
Encounters at the End of the World (THINKFilm and Image Entertainment), A Creative Differences Production, Werner Herzog and Henry Kaiser
The Garden A Black Valley Films Production, Scott Hamilton Kennedy
Man on Wire (Magnolia Pictures), A Wall to Wall Production, James Marsh and Simon Chinn
Trouble the Water (Zeitgeist Films), An Elsewhere Films Production, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall
The Dark Knight- Lee Smith
Frost/Nixon - Mike Hill and Dan Hanley
Milk - Elliot Graham
Slumdog Millionaire - Chris Dickens

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Greg Cannom
The Dark Knight - John Caglione, Jr. and Conor O’Sullivan
Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Mike Elizalde and Thom Floutz

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Alexandre Desplat
Defiance - James Newton Howard
Milk - Danny Elfman
Slumdog Millionaire- A.R. Rahman
WALL•E - Thomas Newman

"Down to Earth" from WALL•E - Music by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman, Lyric by Peter Gabriel
"Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire - Music by A.R. Rahman, Lyric by Gulzar
"O Saya" from Slumdog Millionaire- Music and Lyric by A.R. Rahman andMaya Arulpragasam

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce and Mark Weingarten
The Dark Knight - Lora Hirschberg, Gary Rizzo and Ed Novick
Slumdog Millionaire - Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty
WALL•E -Tom Myers, Michael Semanick and Ben Burtt
Wanted - Chris Jenkins, Frank A. Montaño and Petr Forejt

The Dark Knight - Richard King
Iron Man - Frank Eulner and Christopher Boyes
Slumdog Millionaire -Tom Sayers
WALL•E - Ben Burtt and Matthew Wood
Wanted -Wylie Stateman

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Eric Barba, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton and Craig Barron
The Dark Knight - Nick Davis, Chris Corbould, Tim Webber and Paul Franklin
Iron Man - John Nelson, Ben Snow, Dan Sudick and Shane Mahan

The Conscience of Nhem En A Farallon Films Production, Steven Okazaki
The Final Inch A Vermilion Films Production, Irene Taylor Brodsky and Tom Grant
Smile Pinki A Principe Production, Megan Mylan
The Witness - From the Balcony of Room 306 A Rock Paper Scissors Production, Adam Pertofsky and Margaret Hyde

La Maison en Petits Cubes A Robot Communications Production, Kunio Kato
Lavatory - Lovestory A Melnitsa Animation Studio and CTB Film Company Production, Konstantin Bronzit
Oktapodi (Talantis Films) A Gobelins, L’école de l’image Production, Emud Mokhberi and Thierry Marchand
Presto (Walt Disney) A Pixar Animation Studios Production, Doug Sweetland
This Way Up A Nexus Production, Alan Smith and Adam Foulkes

Auf der Strecke (On the Line) (Hamburg Shortfilmagency), An Academy of Media Arts Cologne Production, Reto Caffi
Manon on the Asphalt (La Luna Productions), A La Luna Production, Elizabeth Marre and Olivier Pont
New Boy (Network Ireland Television), A Zanzibar Films Production, Steph Green and Tamara Anghie
The Pig An M & M Production, Tivi Magnusson and Dorte Høgh
Spielzeugland (Toyland) A Mephisto Film Production, Jochen Alexander Freydank

Trial by turntable


I don't believe I've ever posted on this thing before, but I suppose now's as good a time as any to start. Right now I'm having some trouble sleeping, and trying my damndest to remedy that by dipping into a $90 bottle of tequila that my roommate gave me for some god unknown reason... I've been in trial all day long, and have motions for directed verdicts dancing about my subconscious so loudly that sleep is impossible at this hour.

Check this out. But before you do, grab either a blunt or a 40oz and go to town. The whole thing should be on youtube, and it's amazing. Think of it as the Interstella 5555 of turntablism. I've seen it, like, 9 times now.

At least watch it until the end of part 2... there's a cameo by Buckethead in there.


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reading rainbow

i just saw levar burton for the first time in years on the soup. i was so excited i had to post it.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i can has legislashun?

you can insert your own joke about this explaining why congress never gets anything done.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

seakitten taco

wtf peta/npr/yahoo?


for anyone whos into them, bonaroo's website is streaming the raconteurs show from last year. im watching it now and its pretty awesome.

...Mr ChiCity is back and hes pissed off.

i work at the fbi

is it bad that i feel like i'm doing work because 24 is partially set in an office?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Am Enraptured

This is a thread on a dating website's forum. A woman describes her first date with another member of the website. The comments are pretty boring until the second page when the guy begins commenting himself.

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Although I've never been homophobic,"

"I was discovering that I was very rape phobic and dismayed by my overall personal street value of roughly $15."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

hardcore screamos


this also makes me sad but the pain rabbit will feel makes me happier lolz

as JT once said "what goes around.comes around.goes around, comes all the way back around!!!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i say f*ck the police, thats how i treat'em

we can buy our way out of jail but we cant buy freedom

Qwantz ftw... again

Aaron loves him some Qwantz

Monday, January 5, 2009

which is to say that i tie excellence up and spank it...

ive figured out why max backed him

im hoping his campaign was all a ruse to get the chance to spend his whole senate term doing a mick jagger impression. i guess well find out when his class is sworn in tomorrow.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


the firefly squid

rabbit, i found this for you.

soooooo grosssssssssss.