Monday, September 29, 2008

i'm better sarah

hey cotten!

how that "job search" going? better get one! not b/c i'm worried you can't pay rent or eat ramen, i'm just concerned about you paying for the gas to come see me. i'll make you some lunch when you get here, k?

love you,


I miss Sam a lot. Does everyone else? I think about him everyday. I think about the things I'm doing in my life and how I wish that I could share that kinda stuff with him. It feels weird not to make immediate and long term plans in the Upton living room, or in Max/Sam's room. Mostly I wish I could show him my wind turbines. I saw a huge Japanese maple tree in the SFA Arboretum yesterday. I don't think I'll be in Nac when our tree is that big, so I'm glad I have that image in my head of what it will look like. Whenever I have a permanent residence, I'm going to get one in the front yard.
Maybe me missing Sam's input is my body telling me that I'm missing something more 'core'. Like when I haven't had any protein and I suddenly want a hamburger. I dunno. I typed out about 5 different version of how this paragraph ends and none of them made any sense after a few minutes of thinking.


Don't forget my Alaska pictures. It was a very perfect trip. The oddest thing was trying to remember that I was so far away, and then trying to put that in perspective when combined with the people and the personality of the town. It is hard to explain.

I want one

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Let it be known by every nation, you only get one meal a day.


Emo's in Austin, Texas

Mickey Avalon

Dirt Nasty


Friday, September 26, 2008

Another one.

OU should win some sort of poster design contest. No, I don't know what it's advertising either.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Its just for the gents.


Over at my blog I have some posts that some links to some sweet pictures I've been taking.

Check it out.

this is the best.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

also canceled!!!!!

20,000 underneath the sea

I have had this song in my head for days. I love it so much.

just thought you'd all like to know...

also, i don't know what the f is up with this video. i just like the song.

PacMan Horror Movie

Monday, September 22, 2008

adventures of katie and dru

so, i have some answers for cotten and the rest of the bunch. andrew went to this show with me on thursday night where we decided to have a drinking contest. i don't remember who won because i ended up wasted face.

so so, i dropped dru off and he ended up leaving his keys in my car. well, my drunk ass was apparently not paying attention to my phone (or not knowing how to work my phone which happened at sxsw with cotton due to too much drinking) and dru was calling and calling and calling and calling to tell me to come back.

so so so, he broke into his own house. (i'm lolling right now) and here are some pics.

and here is dru's paper towel wrapped hand. (i'm still lolling)

the next morning, i came over to hand over the keys and got to hear a hilarious story about the cops coming over to his apartment. please ask him about it. it's so funny. then dru made some breakfast and then i went home to go back to sleep and then i threw up at work because i make bad choices.


fried salads and work

in case you were wondering;

fried pickles $0.12 ,
fried pepperoncini $0.20,
fried feta cheese $0.34,
fried cherry tomatoes $0.97?

making all that while making customers orders and eating them is pricless

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton SNL

This is totally awesome. Way to go, SNL.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Mothman Prophecies 2: Wrong Turn

So, tonight I went with some of the older grad students down to Point Pleasant, West Virginia (about 40 minutes from Athens) for the Mothman Festival that takes place there every year. It was hilariously bad and cheesy. If you don't know, there was this moth-like man-sized creature with glowing red eyes reported as spotted outside of Point Pleasant in the 60's. Then a bridge collapsed after he was seen and some people died. Well, the town was very podunk but... pleasant, for lack of a better word. We ate at this diner - first good meal of non-cafeteria food in awhile. Smoked sausage and saurkraut, mashed potatoes & gravy, coleslaw, blackberry cobbler. Anyway, I think we were there too late to hear the guest speakers and we only caught a little bit of the music, but we went through a haunted house that was fun. The two girls (pictured below) I was with when I went through were scared, screaming and such.

Then we made the mistake of trying to drive out to the area where the sighting happened. Down some West Virginia backroads. We were lost for like an hour and ended up 15 miles north of where we crossed the Ohio River, in the other direction. I thought we were going to get gang-raped by some mutant cannibal hillbillies. And now, pictures!

Chelsea, Julie and Amanda standing in front of the Mothman sculpture that stands in downtown.

The Ohio river is purty.

Another random sculpture of an Indian chief, in front of this sweet mural on the back of a seawall kind of deal. There was some big battle between colonists and Indians right hurr.

Friday, September 19, 2008

so, answer to my last blog...

just received a text from dru about a minute ago. good thing i'm sitting at the coffeeshop stealing internet and having nothing to do. but drinking free beer. but also listening to crappy horrible hippie drum circle music that's going on outside.

"so i got really drunk last night and ended up breaking in through my apartment window cutting my hand open. how do you know if you should get stitches? <-dru>"

i asked him if he could see any bones. no answer yet.

also, i'm bored. if you couldn't tell already.


"no. just flesh. maybe an inch or so deep? <-dru>"

ryan and bob, who are working at the coffee shop, and one random guy ordering a drink said, yeah, stitches are probably a good idea.

andrew, were you drunk last night?

random texts from dru last night:
(note: i couldn't really respond to them because a friend was over who had just been broken up with)

dru: katy just backl you a bitch
me: wha? you a bitch
dru: N0 wmt000
(those are all zeroes, not O's)
me: ok
dru: Wdag

Like i said, i couldn't respond really cause i was talking to someone who was basically in tears. but seriously. andrew. wtf? come to austin and get drunk with me.

Speaking of Being Intellectual Enough ...

How about a talk from a professor?!!!!

No seriously, this video is really awesome. It's not funny or quotable but I really enjoyed it and I thought some of you would.

I couldn't figure out how to embed it so here is the link ... It's the blogpost called: Moral Psychology of Politics.

It's fucking sweet. Seriously.

(I understand no one will watch this.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i'll see it

hulloh everyone. i'm new to this, so i hope i'm doing this right. i'm sitting at the coffee shop where ryan works using the internet and eating free vegan chocolate truffles. i'm supposed to be looking for a job right now but that's boring. i miss all you guys and ya'll need to come to austin. especially now while i'm jobless and not doing anything but pretending to look for jobs. thanks. ok. i can't think of anything else to say except i love you all!

keep an eye out for ya

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An email from Mari

Subject: I hope you are all OK!


I am back.
I hope you survived IKE last weekend.
Izumi was here to visit us and was nice to see him.
He looks good and adjusting well to his new environment.

I am glad you had George Washington with you.
I'm sure Samuel is very happy about that.

Take Care!


bears do it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

hurricane dyke

whats up suckas. i'm alive and my apartment is a safe haven full of food, water, and power. oh, and red box dvds. kthx. hope everyone is doing ok.

sean, you're coming to houston this week correct? 17th you'll be here? we need to break in dru's new place. nice hurricane vid by the way. that was hilarious.

hi evil, being broke sucks. i had to call txu to convince them to take off my last couple months late fees. i made up all this crazy shit to get out of them. i hope it doesn't come back to me.

thanks to everyone in nac who called me to see if i was okay. second family. <3

we drove around some and some of the places open included:

carmen's erotic boutique
hertz fried chicken
chevron (which we actually went into and these big mexican dudes started getting an attitude with the people who worked there saying like "why don't you want to give me some beer, fool." and all this and the owner pulled out a gun so we just got the fuck out of there. people are crazy)
west alabama ice house

call dru and tell him you love him. he's lonely in his awesome apartment with nothing to do.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane update! also read the post below!!!

Hurricane IKE

say anything

say anything video. me and aaron get the hurricane party "started" (it is 5 after all, we should be pretty much done by now)

here is a hurricane party update:

Hurricane Party

Hurricane Party '08 is officially begun. If you are in Nac and you are STANDING YOUR GROUND!!!! Then you can come party with us. If you have to ask where I am, then you haven't called me yet. So call me and we'll get this party started.

STAND YOUR GROUND (video coming soon)


Also these 2.

I hope this is real because it is amazing. Lots of foul language just in case you are at work though.

Also, this:

Best. Movie Reviews. Ever. Especially Iron Man


I like tattoo sleeves. If I could have some right now, that would be great.

no money and professional career = no sleeves.

i'll just look at other people and admire.

this just happened.

please send money to this righteous cause.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

track me!

tropical depression JOSEPHINE is the yellow and black stripy blob by the bahamas. roll over it to see what she's up to.

oh yeah. ike is on there too. what EVER.

when rita came we said:


school time bitches!

hello friends. here's some advice from your resident "Digital Projects Specialist"

i noticed that a few of us have clicked on the "favorite this blog" widget on the side bar. that's cool! it got me thinking- "do all of my friends know everything about the internet like me?" so, in an attempt to bring to you the joys of RSS feeds and Google Reader, here are some links that will help you get the most out of blogs, news posts, and all things internet. followed by my top 7 best things about google reader. number 7 is the most important, so read all the way through.

this video will tell you about the concept behind google reader, RSS feeds.
this video will briefly explain the concept behind google reader.
here is a more in depth explanation of google reader.

here is my google reader window*. you can see that rabbit, max, mike and a few other people have shared web pages in the past. since i can reach them on gchat, i can see whenever the share something. i like to share things that are really cool, but that don't really warrant a blog post. especially stuff about how palin sucks, b/c every time something is shared i feel like the buzz of that story will go up a little bit.

a few things i've learned since using google reader**.
1. you don't have to read everything. no one will know, and if you get overwhelmed you can mark everything as read.
2. i never get overwhelmed, b/c i'm picky about what i subscribe to
3. i still goto the blog i'm reading about 70% of the time. it feels more personal sometimes. you can click the article's title, or the blog's title to get to their actual pages.
4. i know about contests and important thingies faster than most people who read the blogs that i check. so basically, i'm on top of everything.
5. you can drag icons (from the settings tab) that let you note/share things from anywhere on the web. it will say "note in reader" on your bookmark pane. this is good if you don't want to subscribe, but want to have access to a certain article, and to send it to friends.
6. if you have a gmail account*** then you can use google reader, but there are other RSS aggregators out there. but i've tried them and they blow chunks.
7. and this might be the most important one- i never miss a post on the 122 blog. or any other high traffic blog. with umpteen of us posting things from quick and silly to very important, it would suck if you missed something. so don't let it happen to you! use google reader and don't miss the next stupid picture of aaron's**** and don't miss jo(sephine)'s next correspondence with Mari.

*yes i subscribe to the WOW undead pacifist blog. its about a guy who is trying to get to 70 with an undead gnome priest without killing ANYTHING. it is really interesting. with videos!!
**since you were born son.
***and if you don't just give up.
****just kidding aaron. me gusta.
*****bonus for reading my footnotes! twitter!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

carrying the torch

be aware!

CUT MY WRISTS AND BLACK MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey mike texas called they need you


oh hai!

i keep seeing these and the make me LOL so much... and feel a little weird too.


since i just refrenced hot rod i thought id make sure my animals were correct so i looked for hot rod quotes . .

and found this!!!


last nigth at work the highest ranked line chef told me and the other new guy to play rock paper scissors. he didnt say why he juts wanted us to play. so naturally i called upon the 5 major souls of the earth; eagle, fox, bottle-nose dolphin, octopus and house cat in order to align my chi to wup this chump. basically i was gonna throe a combo of rock rock paper or scissors rock rock, i dunoo i kind went with my gut. so we discussed when to throw and this noobs is like "we go on 1! 2! SHOOT" and i siad no how about 1! 2! 3! GO! so thats what we went with. fist he threw rock and i threw scissors and i wa slike FUCK, and then i go best 2 out 3 (becasue i know how this dude plays now) so i throw scissors and he throws papre so naturally we are tied. thent he last round came up and i go 1! 2! 3! GO!! and i throw paper cuz i know this noob is gonna go back to his roots becuase people always try to switch it up and not throw all three as to throw the other person off, and hes probbaly thinking thats thats what i do, but i threw paper and he got ownd. Then the head chef said alright winner cleans the fryers and i was all "FUCK THATS A BULLSHIT PRIZE" and while i was saying that he said "you go home first" then i look the dude in his dumb face and said i win maybe dont throw so many rocks . . . . . . fast forward 5 minutes whislt im mid fry cleaning and i hear this dude go "fucking paper man, i lost to paper!?"

yeah that just happened, i hope dru is proud.


Wake the fuck up!

goddamn it people. i miss you...say something witty, mean, and teasing to me! I miss it!

I am getting so tired of school because I am not making any money and continuing to go into debt. So far I'm 17,000 in. Isn't that crazy? For me it is anyways...I've never experienced this. I was a spoiled undergrad b/c my parents paid for my rent and tuition. Now they pay for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I like it that way. My dad treated me like shit most of the time I was growing up so I don't want his money anymore. That's fine with me. I work as a writing tutor still. I'm tired of that too. I want a job more related to the mental health field.

Otherwise, I am still learning interesting stuff and I have school friends (but nothing compared to you guys). I have a cat, a bird, and a cool bf. I have my own place! Remember when Cotten and I lived together? Hah. Hopefully she and I will be hanging out this Sunday.

Mike, I have something for's just a matter of going to the post office. I want to cheer you up you sweet little thing you.


Does anyone know what they want to be for Halloween? I'm going to be Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle.

I'M GOING TO AUSTIN FOR HALLOWEEN (no more party in Humble b/c of an Hockey game at UT) COME WITH ME!


i shouldn't have gotten that tattoo. my back is going to explode at timestamp 0:17

also this. what is oozing out of our ground?


I feel like posting a few videos is good times and all, but why not give you, my friends and family, a little heads up as to the vectors and velocities i'm working with.

today- in the office/malcolm vet appointment.
tomorrow- ultimate
this weekend (12th-14th)- ultimate tournament in dallas (denton really)
next week-
17th- (night) going to hang out with dru and meowwwsky. important business will go on (more on that later).
18th- (noonish) fly to seattle. eat lunch with the k. scifres (?)
18th- (afternoonish) get back on plane, fly to alaska

18th-25th be drunk for as long as the day is short. take in beauty of alaskan range. destroy beauty shortly after in a drunken rage. be cold/dead/in ditch. be norther than i'll ever be again.

26th to 28th- maybe goto austin for music fest?

30th- million dollar grant deadline. much work to do. deff. not going to austin

October 3rd-4th- goto austin. ultimate tournament. see moms/grandpa/fams

5th-?- not go anyfuckingwhere.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Re: Being Called Out

1. I love you
2. Thank you for dedicating a whole post to me.
3. Aside from that, it was still a sweet article. Full of nuance and other cool shit.
4. My Backspace key is broken which makes it very frustrating to type.
5. Clementine sometimes follows my parents' little wiener dog under my bed and gets stuck. I usually help her out but right now she is moaning because I am tired of her doing stupid things and so I'm not helping her. It's hilarious.
6. Brian I don't know your mother and so feel kind of bad about saying this, but does your mom know that Sarah Palin is under investigation for firing a highly ranked Alaskan official who wouldn't fire her ex-brother-in-law? Does she know that Sarah Palin received more pork barrel money than any other governor in the country during her tenure? Does she know that Sarah Palin billed the state of Alaska for living expenses so she could live in her home town of Wasilla when she should have been running the state in Jeaneau? Does she know that Sarah Palin believes in "abstinence only" education without which the chances of her daughter being pregnant - and forced into a shotgun wedding with a guy whose last words on his MySpace profile are "I don't want kids," all so her mother might have the chance to be Vice fucking President in one of the most perilous times in the past 50 years - would be significantly lower? I assume that she doesn't. And I am only asking because she said that we know so much about her and so little about Barak Obama. But I know that he is not under investigation. And I know that he believes in teaching children how to use condoms. Please don't tell your dear Mother that I said all this. I am sure she is a very sweet, charming, smart woman whom I look forward to meeting one day. It will be nice to put a face with the vagina I know oh so well.
7. Also, I must say that Rabbit knows a hell of a lot more about everything than me he just doesn't run his mouth like I do.

I just read #6. I sound ridiculous. Am I really that big of a dick? Please don't show your mom this.

Cane Fu Fighting

Maybe some of you have seen this already, but apparently cane defense classes are the new thing for seniors.

Im calling you out chris!!! bring it!!!!

i dont really follow politics for many reasons

1. im un-informed, mostly becuase i am lazy and i dont inform myself which basically creates a giant circle

2. it doesnt interest me, i dont really think in the long term so issues that are usually addressed dont hit me too hard, i'll probably learn the hard way down the line, but im too passive to care

this is probably one of my bigger flaws, i can honeslty say that sometimes i wish i knew what the fuck chris, or max is talking about but it goes back to those two reasons and im somehow comfortable with that. i truley resepect those who follow and keep to thier views and convictions. i have my beliefs and my morals and i stick to my word (unless we are talking about little things like "but i cant play disc golf i HAVE to study for an accounting exam")
/ the point is yes i am probably ignorant to some things but i dont bitch about it when things dont go my way. if Mccain gets elected or if Obama does, i cant complain. becuase i didnt let my voice be heard and i didnt vote. yes i know theres that lazy flaw i have, im sorry. anyway i read this blog below and i got that semse of respect again, and it made me think of the generation below me and how they are getting informed. whether people realize it or not music is biggest form of communication in our country and when little kids are listening to said bands they are being brain washed and conforming. i went home this weekend and the first conversation i had with my mom (well me just listening) was her explaining how awesome Palin is, and how we know so much about her and we know nothing about Obama. like i said before i cant judge or complain but i know a biased argument or statement when i hear one. i told my mom that if she were a democrat she would be having this same conversation but he would be talkng about obama and biden and would be complaining about the lack of back story from Palin and McCain.
she denied it, yet im pretty sure chris or max could talk about Obama for days.

anyway thats me rambling about stuff i know nothing of, but i read this and understood what he is trying to say. jus thought some of you more intelligent people would like to read it and take an opinion on it.

actually, these thougths are an exstension of the night chris and i shared with the whole music thing and appreciating and respecting what the other person listens too. so chris . .i like both these bands that this singer is apart of, whether or not i agree with what he writes and sings about i respect it and im glad he can do what he does, the same goes for you buddy

geoff rickly of thursday and newly united nations

Read more about United Nations and stream their entire debut album here.

PS. chris stop thinking about what Obama and McCains weiners look like and think about the real issues

haha, seasoning to the face, son!

"FRESNO, California - Authorities say they've arrested a man who broke into the home of two California farmworkers, stole money, rubbed one of the men with spices and whacked the other with a sausage before fleeing."

looks like an otter


i always feel like i contribute to the blog a whole lot because i check it incessantly and comment on posts a lot, but every once in a while i remember that i almost never actually write anything on it.
i guess i don't have that much to add, since all the cool videos i ever see are shown to me by brian. or mike, before he sold out and left the best state.
jk mike i guess it's KIND OF cool that you are going to grad school and being a teacher and doing cool shit and being in a new place.
but really everything is about the same as you all left it, except that chris is at his parents and george is my new clementine. YA HEAR THAT? I'VE REPLACED YOU. that is what you get for choosing chris over me.
oh wait. clem doesn't read english. what a whore.


it makes me happy.

This is better than taco town

For old time's sake.

I just signed into my youtube account for the first time on this computer and had to check how our video was doing. The last page of comments is overwhelmingly positive, and I think our stars have gone up! For those who never read the comments before, the first page or two all say "FAGGZ" "DIE FAGGZ".

And if you've never seen that before, well hot damn.

Cyanide and Happiness

Gnarls Barkley - "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"

this blog is too happy. let's remember what life is really all about.

props to dru for linking this to me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

sean loves wieners

you have to put a fucking title or the index will get fucked up- sean

catching up

hi! i miss you!

i've been going to agora like every other day to check my email and catch up on celeb gossip. it kinda sucks to not have internet at my apartment, but it's honestly kind of nice to have an extra excuse to get out of the house.

i took that photo the last time i was here and i was all up on this blog.

my family found out that my uncle is a famous painter. uncle irbe. that was pretty great. he sent me a painting as a graduation present MADE JUST FOR ME. i've never had a winter wonderland, so he painted me some winter.

and this is me looking like a teacher.

also, i'm going to gatorfest next weekend i think and i'm probably going to explode from all the awesome.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain gets BarackRolled

Hey, guys! Mike invited me to contribute here, which is exciting for me. I miss all of you! Hope you're all doing well.

I thought I'd post a link to this video because I thought it was fitting. Mike, Chris, Sam, and Rabbit were the ones to show me the original.

John McCain gets BarackRolled


I'm glad everybody likes the new tat. Here are some more pictures from last Thursday night.

obviously, the best one is the one with "The Guns". gotta love the guns.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bittersweet, Long-ass Post Warning

First let me apologize if anybody thinks it is weird that I went through and copied all of these. Also, sorry for the length. I tried to figure out how to do cuts on Blogger, but it is a very complex process that involves changing the entire template of the blog and it would be annoying.

So, anyway, as I'm sure some of you who are included in this list know, Sam went through his facebook at some point and started crafting little vignettes about how he knew different people, on facebook's "how do you know this person?" thing. They are overall funny, and witty, and very much Sam. I was remembering this recently, and think I mentioned it to someone who had never seen them, and I got curious about an hour ago to read mine again. And in the process I went through and read everybody else's. And copied them all to a text file to post on the blog in an easy-to-read fashion. Some of them are part of the group, some of them are people I don't know at all. But here it is. I enjoyed reading these, hopefully you will too.

Sean Bibby

* They met randomly: Deep within a nameless dungeon, adventuring for loot no less, I was struck down by a giant toad. All seemed lost but a magic wielding rogue rolled a statistics defying amount of 20's, saving my life.

Michael Carpentier

* They met randomly: During the Great War, I was ordered to "go over the top". As the whistles blew and we streamed forth in to No Mans Land, I found myself in a shell crater with a blond bespectacled soldier. Carpentier and I were friends ever since.

Sarah Cotten

* They met randomly: Used to strip at a club called Le Bare, Cotten came in all the time and had a developed a habit of leaving 20's in my g-string.

Max Croes

* They met randomly: Finding myself with only one comrade left on the battlefield, I met Max. Together we were able to repel a direct assault by Crusers and his whole team with only one bullet a piece, bayonets, and a whole lot of Say Anything.

Meagan Cummings

* They met randomly: Was rocking out to Foreigner during the Metal Lands concert, and who do I see flashing Lou Gramm but little old Meagan.

Dan Eldridge

* They met randomly: Back in my privateering days Eldridge and I used to pillage treasure with saber and flintlock pistol in hand.

Stephanie Gerber

* They met randomly: She signed on as a dirty pirate hooker for my ship.

Ashley Gormsen

* They met randomly: I apparently sucked her off through a glory hole.

Michael Jaynes

* You met randomly: I'd taken one bullet too many, surrounded by enemies I laid in a puddle of crimson. All seemed lost until several shots rang out and none but one still stood. I strained to see my savior; heroes wear mullets and carry .357's.

Yoshiharu Kobayashi

* They met randomly: Yoshi and I had both volunteered for the Jinrai Butai but the War ended before we could fall in battle. Since then we decided to live our lives peacefully until the homeland once again calls for our services.

Nadaha McCullough

* They met randomly in 1951: Whilst razing a town for mine own delight, a tiny pixie, Nadaha, loosed an arrow (tooth pick) in to my eye. This eyepatch is a reminder of how I dislike pixies and all of faerie kind.

Stephanie McFall

* They met randomly: I was in a particularly cold region slaughtering penguins at a whim when a tiny, "fun-size" girl attempts to stop me. The battle was such that I haven't any memory of the outcome, but i'd like to think I let her live because I was too busy ending penguins.

Katie Menowsky

* They met randomly in 1966: In the jungles of 'Nam.

Craig Reeves

* They met randomly: Back after the Krauts surrendered, Corporal Reeves and I were stationed in Berlin. Had a great time drinking vodka with the ruskies, and learned the corporal had quite the talent for piano.

Sarah Rossmiller

* They met randomly: Met Evil at Gothcon 04, she wears black knee high boots with a 4 inch lift.

Laura Sandifer

* They met randomly: I've a penchant for playing online billiards. One night I was approached by a particularly salacious player who in fact turned out to be our Mrs. Laura Sandifer. Who knew?

Kari Schneider

* They met randomly: After being framed for a the theft of some priceless art, I was on the run from international authorities. The feds were close by but Kari let me hide in her room assuring my freedom. I still owe her a favor.

Lindsey Shepherd (the freshman girl who was topless at Mabeufapalooza)

* They met randomly: A large marker and too much alcohol.

Ashley Stinedurf

* They met randomly in 2004: In 04 I was sweating her nuts, then she tea bagged me so now we're just friends.

Rachel Thomason

* They met randomly: Was in the audience at the college edition of Wheel of Fortune, during the price guessing pre-round she beat me by $.03. Three cents that will haunt me forever!

Mr. Zero

* They met randomly: When we pilaged a villege in asia while armed with a Back Scratcher and a tooth pick as our primary weapons.

you look like a dick in a tiny jacket

Hello, fellow American. This you should vote me. I leave power good. Thank you. Thank you. If you vote me, I'm hot... Taxes, they'll be lower... son. The democratic vote for me is right thing to do, Philadelphia, so dooooooooooo

New Beginnings

This is our adorable new house!Yes, that is a (delicious) green grape vine on the front porch. Come visit us, please please please.

Also i added Andrew's blog to the "other sweet blogs" section... read it you'll love it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This Just Happened

This is a type of Monster Energy drink.
I drank one and actually had 400 babies.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

american band

So, for all of you that don't know- a month or so ago some of us got together to live out one of my all-time dreams. We took a "band picture" and screwed it to the wall at Flashback. While it has been an idea of mine for a long time- it was a huge group effort. Thanks to everyone who helped- especially Jo(sephine) and that whore Clementine.

This is the photo that we framed and put up:

Some of you may have already seen that, but here- for the first time on the interwebs are the outtakes.
You might be wondering why I am just now showing these to you. What you don't fucking trust me? Fine, you're bitch anyway.

Regardless, this past weekend when Aaron, Jo(sephine) and I walked into that bar of bars, Theresa (one of my favorite waitresses) said "nice picture Sean". I played dumb for about 30 seconds and then cracked a huge smile. Another waiter said "when are you guys playing again? i heard you rocked Bullwinkles!"

I was worried that they would be mad, I mean, we did put two screw holes (insert joke here) into their wall. As it turns out, they were ecstatic. John, the manager who is the only person close to Bill's level said that he was really impressed and that it is staying forever. Bill hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure he'll love it too. John said so.
When Sam died, there was a night that we all went up to the FB and sat in the back and drank and talked. John came up to me and said that he was sorry for our loss and that he is glad that he knew Sam and that he knew us. Said we were all nice people. He bought us a round of lonestars and I thought that was really cool. Personally, that is the kind of place that I have always found Flashback to be. A "Cheers" atmosphere on one night and a club scene the next (last night for example) and then the next day it is the only place to eat delicious food, drink a beer and watch a basketball game.

Well, I guess I got a little sappy there, but I don't think you'll hold it against me, it just highlights why this picture is one of the biggest achievements in my life. I have been thinking about this for about 4 years. Now to have it up- and to have the staff there ALL love it? Too much to ask for.
Some funny things they assumed about the picture:
that we stole a picture frame from them
that we just glued our picture on top of another one
that we told everyone in the world but them
that we are a real band (I told them we are of course)
that it had only been up for a few days

Without further waitings, here are the bloopers:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is in my dorm...

..which I was finally able to fucking move into today. Living in the dorms was a mistake as my room is kind of like a prison cell, but I'll manage. And it was kind of worth it for this poster.

edit: also, for those of you that don't twitter - one of the other grad students looks like Jenny Lewis and her and I have bonded over cigarettes and coffee. Best thing ever.

the funny thing is...

the funniest part about the picture on the sidebar is that the little girl on the far left is WAY creepier than the bear/human/child thing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


hey babes, whats going on in nac for halloween? tell meeeeeee.

The Butthurt Form

I know at least a few of you will get enjoyment from this one.

Don't ever stop.

I miss you guys. Seriously.

google anal.

google analytics is pretty sweet. i use it for work, so i set up an account for our blog. if you goto the bottom of the page you'll see "i can has IP?". you can't look at the stats or anything, b/c you're such a newb, but i'll post some of them up here.

click to get the full picture.

This one is especially special to my heart. It means that most of us know the glory of Firefox (or are a dick and have an iphone) and that only some of us are retarded and use IE. (note: in the real world, IE and FF are flipped, with about 88% of the world being completely and utterly useless. i hate IE. has that been made clear?)

This one just shows the number of visits per day.

This is a map of where people are at when they view the site. Who do we know in Italy?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Awesome Vid.

I don't want to push Mike's post down, but this video just made me piss all over myself.

Watch it all, but around 1:25 is when I started to lose my shit.

Mission Accomplished.

Well, I made it to Athens, OH. I never want to drive again, even though Kentucky and Ohio are really pretty to drive through. Kentucky in particular was full of hilly forests that ruled my face. And driving over the Ohio River was awesome. Here's a pic I snapped right as I crossed.
I walked around campus for about an hour after I got here. The campus is huge, and pretty - reminds me of Tulane but a lot bigger. Also, downtown Athens appears to pretty much be the college. As I was turning off the highway, on a sign pointing towards Downtown, somebody had put quotes around the word, which made me chuckle. This is the dorm I'll be living in-

Looks pretty sweet, from the outside at least. Anyway, I miss the hell out of you guys already. I feel very out-of-place right now, but hopefully that'll pass soon.


so, on the left hand side it says that i am a contributor...which has been a total lie until now.

also, i have 17 profile views and nothing to look at...i suppose i will fix that

You Suck at Photoshop

These are great. and hilarious.


I've already told a few of you, but I thought I would share an email thread between Mari (Sam's mom) and myself. I don't think she would mind my sharing it, and I know she would appreciate emails or facebook posts.
(Start with the bottom email and work up.)


Thank you so much for your kind words.
I am glad I am here to help my mother, but can't wait to go home.
I will go home on 9/9, and 1 month is a long time to be away from home.

Hope your classes are going well, and please send all my love to everybody!


Mari Howlett (Colquitt)

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 14:34:09 -0500
Subject: Re: Sending Hi from Japan

I am so sorry to hear about your father. I know that even when a loved one has been sick, it is so hard to lose them. Know that we in Nacogdoches are thinking of you and your family.
I'm counting on next year to be better than this one at least.
Love, Josephine

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 9:52 AM, Mari Howlett <> wrote:

I am sending this to you from Japan.
It's so good to hear from you.
I hope all is well with you and everybody.

Unfortunately, my father died on 8/7 and I am here since 8/10 to help my mother.
I will go home on 9/9.
My father had been ill for a long time and it was not a surprise to any of us.
All the same, this has been a sad year for us.

Izumi has gone off to A & M a week ago and I am hoping he is doing OK.
I know it's a big change for him, and am very excited for him too.

Please send all my love to everybody.


A Reason I Will Forever Stay With Josephine

Sean told his father about my dick infatuation and this is one of the things he sent me.

Penis Puppeteers


My seedy Tennessee motel room #.

Didn't even request it specifically. A good sign, I hope.