Sunday, September 14, 2008

hurricane dyke

whats up suckas. i'm alive and my apartment is a safe haven full of food, water, and power. oh, and red box dvds. kthx. hope everyone is doing ok.

sean, you're coming to houston this week correct? 17th you'll be here? we need to break in dru's new place. nice hurricane vid by the way. that was hilarious.

hi evil, being broke sucks. i had to call txu to convince them to take off my last couple months late fees. i made up all this crazy shit to get out of them. i hope it doesn't come back to me.

thanks to everyone in nac who called me to see if i was okay. second family. <3

we drove around some and some of the places open included:

carmen's erotic boutique
hertz fried chicken
chevron (which we actually went into and these big mexican dudes started getting an attitude with the people who worked there saying like "why don't you want to give me some beer, fool." and all this and the owner pulled out a gun so we just got the fuck out of there. people are crazy)
west alabama ice house

call dru and tell him you love him. he's lonely in his awesome apartment with nothing to do.


Mike Jaynes said...

Carmen's erotic boutique. I LOVE HOUSTON

seanlb said...

a gun? whoa. that's cool.