Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i shouldn't have gotten that tattoo. my back is going to explode at timestamp 0:17

also this. what is oozing out of our ground?


I feel like posting a few videos is good times and all, but why not give you, my friends and family, a little heads up as to the vectors and velocities i'm working with.

today- in the office/malcolm vet appointment.
tomorrow- ultimate
this weekend (12th-14th)- ultimate tournament in dallas (denton really)
next week-
17th- (night) going to hang out with dru and meowwwsky. important business will go on (more on that later).
18th- (noonish) fly to seattle. eat lunch with the k. scifres (?)
18th- (afternoonish) get back on plane, fly to alaska

18th-25th be drunk for as long as the day is short. take in beauty of alaskan range. destroy beauty shortly after in a drunken rage. be cold/dead/in ditch. be norther than i'll ever be again.

26th to 28th- maybe goto austin for music fest?

30th- million dollar grant deadline. much work to do. deff. not going to austin

October 3rd-4th- goto austin. ultimate tournament. see moms/grandpa/fams

5th-?- not go anyfuckingwhere.

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Kacey said...

Oh. My. God. Rainbow lady. Woah.

Aww, you're going to Denton the weekend that I'm going to Nac. Sad day.