Monday, September 22, 2008

fried salads and work

in case you were wondering;

fried pickles $0.12 ,
fried pepperoncini $0.20,
fried feta cheese $0.34,
fried cherry tomatoes $0.97?

making all that while making customers orders and eating them is pricless


lauren bird said...

i dont even know what this means

lauren bird said...

but i like it

Brian said...

it means i made them at work and 8te them!

see what i did there with the 8 and ate?

rabbit! said...

i dont get it. its like eightte. looks kinda french, brian. i dont know about you anymore.

lauren bird said...

i met a french guy at the bar two weekends ago.... do you know him?

Kacey said...

OMG. I want fried pepperoncini. SO BAD. Delicious.

Mike Jaynes said...

YES! A dream realized.