Wednesday, September 10, 2008


last nigth at work the highest ranked line chef told me and the other new guy to play rock paper scissors. he didnt say why he juts wanted us to play. so naturally i called upon the 5 major souls of the earth; eagle, fox, bottle-nose dolphin, octopus and house cat in order to align my chi to wup this chump. basically i was gonna throe a combo of rock rock paper or scissors rock rock, i dunoo i kind went with my gut. so we discussed when to throw and this noobs is like "we go on 1! 2! SHOOT" and i siad no how about 1! 2! 3! GO! so thats what we went with. fist he threw rock and i threw scissors and i wa slike FUCK, and then i go best 2 out 3 (becasue i know how this dude plays now) so i throw scissors and he throws papre so naturally we are tied. thent he last round came up and i go 1! 2! 3! GO!! and i throw paper cuz i know this noob is gonna go back to his roots becuase people always try to switch it up and not throw all three as to throw the other person off, and hes probbaly thinking thats thats what i do, but i threw paper and he got ownd. Then the head chef said alright winner cleans the fryers and i was all "FUCK THATS A BULLSHIT PRIZE" and while i was saying that he said "you go home first" then i look the dude in his dumb face and said i win maybe dont throw so many rocks . . . . . . fast forward 5 minutes whislt im mid fry cleaning and i hear this dude go "fucking paper man, i lost to paper!?"

yeah that just happened, i hope dru is proud.


Mike Jaynes said...

This was an incredibly moving and captivating story.


seanlb said...

yeah no shit. good story man.

"i wa slike"

that really worked for me. i felt like i was right there. i'm never throwing rock again....or am i???

cornbread hell said...

wow. now i have a whole new respect for that scuzball brian.