Monday, September 8, 2008

catching up

hi! i miss you!

i've been going to agora like every other day to check my email and catch up on celeb gossip. it kinda sucks to not have internet at my apartment, but it's honestly kind of nice to have an extra excuse to get out of the house.

i took that photo the last time i was here and i was all up on this blog.

my family found out that my uncle is a famous painter. uncle irbe. that was pretty great. he sent me a painting as a graduation present MADE JUST FOR ME. i've never had a winter wonderland, so he painted me some winter.

and this is me looking like a teacher.

also, i'm going to gatorfest next weekend i think and i'm probably going to explode from all the awesome.



seanlb said...

katie- please report on your toilet.

Mike Jaynes said...

Where the fuck are the leggings?

I'm wearing leggings when I teach my class tomorrow.

Kacey said...

Agora is pretty much completely awesome.

sarah evil said...

i have internet too!

Katie! said...

the image of mike jaynes in leggings is ruling my mind right now.