Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm a magician, Spencer. A furious magician.

That's just brilliant.


Mike Jaynes said...

I love that weird titter he does towards the very end.

Also, part of me was hoping he was talking to Spenser at first. As in, Edmund Spenser.

Brian said...

wtf?! am i missing something?

Brad said...

that was awesome

Kacey said...

Mike: I know! And that would have been even better if he had been. Oh, well.

Brian: You're just not intellectual enough. No, really, I don't think there's anything about this video to "get". It's either funny or it's not.

My favorite part is when he talks about applesauce. Hilarious.

aaron said...

haha, so good
i love it

Chris said...

I think I'm with Brian.