Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Re: Being Called Out

1. I love you
2. Thank you for dedicating a whole post to me.
3. Aside from that, it was still a sweet article. Full of nuance and other cool shit.
4. My Backspace key is broken which makes it very frustrating to type.
5. Clementine sometimes follows my parents' little wiener dog under my bed and gets stuck. I usually help her out but right now she is moaning because I am tired of her doing stupid things and so I'm not helping her. It's hilarious.
6. Brian I don't know your mother and so feel kind of bad about saying this, but does your mom know that Sarah Palin is under investigation for firing a highly ranked Alaskan official who wouldn't fire her ex-brother-in-law? Does she know that Sarah Palin received more pork barrel money than any other governor in the country during her tenure? Does she know that Sarah Palin billed the state of Alaska for living expenses so she could live in her home town of Wasilla when she should have been running the state in Jeaneau? Does she know that Sarah Palin believes in "abstinence only" education without which the chances of her daughter being pregnant - and forced into a shotgun wedding with a guy whose last words on his MySpace profile are "I don't want kids," all so her mother might have the chance to be Vice fucking President in one of the most perilous times in the past 50 years - would be significantly lower? I assume that she doesn't. And I am only asking because she said that we know so much about her and so little about Barak Obama. But I know that he is not under investigation. And I know that he believes in teaching children how to use condoms. Please don't tell your dear Mother that I said all this. I am sure she is a very sweet, charming, smart woman whom I look forward to meeting one day. It will be nice to put a face with the vagina I know oh so well.
7. Also, I must say that Rabbit knows a hell of a lot more about everything than me he just doesn't run his mouth like I do.

I just read #6. I sound ridiculous. Am I really that big of a dick? Please don't show your mom this.


josephine terese said...

stop asking for compliments on your penis. gross.

"what does the vice preseident do?" -s.p.

Brad said...

one time i sucked six in a row

Ouagadougou said...

Actually, Arnold received more pork than any other Governor.

Alaska leads in pork per person.

Chris said...

Oh. My bad.

Hey how is your Senate race going?

Karl said...

It looks like an otter

Brian said...

that is kind of ridiculous, but if its all true then sweet. you sound like you are attacking my mom through me, and if she isnt gonna hear any of this, then you are just attacking me :( but whatev

bottom line: you love dicks

Chris said...

I'm attacking Sarah Palin

aaron said...

bottom line: chris is going to vote for whoever he thinks has the better dick. and clearly, for reasons I need not express, chris loves obama.

Chris said...

he is black ...

Brian said...

i bet sarah palin is hiding something

and its not hemroids

aaron said...

i'd hide something in sarah palin.

my penis.