Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Im calling you out chris!!! bring it!!!!

i dont really follow politics for many reasons

1. im un-informed, mostly becuase i am lazy and i dont inform myself which basically creates a giant circle

2. it doesnt interest me, i dont really think in the long term so issues that are usually addressed dont hit me too hard, i'll probably learn the hard way down the line, but im too passive to care

this is probably one of my bigger flaws, i can honeslty say that sometimes i wish i knew what the fuck chris, or max is talking about but it goes back to those two reasons and im somehow comfortable with that. i truley resepect those who follow and keep to thier views and convictions. i have my beliefs and my morals and i stick to my word (unless we are talking about little things like "but i cant play disc golf i HAVE to study for an accounting exam")
/ the point is yes i am probably ignorant to some things but i dont bitch about it when things dont go my way. if Mccain gets elected or if Obama does, i cant complain. becuase i didnt let my voice be heard and i didnt vote. yes i know theres that lazy flaw i have, im sorry. anyway i read this blog below and i got that semse of respect again, and it made me think of the generation below me and how they are getting informed. whether people realize it or not music is biggest form of communication in our country and when little kids are listening to said bands they are being brain washed and conforming. i went home this weekend and the first conversation i had with my mom (well me just listening) was her explaining how awesome Palin is, and how we know so much about her and we know nothing about Obama. like i said before i cant judge or complain but i know a biased argument or statement when i hear one. i told my mom that if she were a democrat she would be having this same conversation but he would be talkng about obama and biden and would be complaining about the lack of back story from Palin and McCain.
she denied it, yet im pretty sure chris or max could talk about Obama for days.

anyway thats me rambling about stuff i know nothing of, but i read this and understood what he is trying to say. jus thought some of you more intelligent people would like to read it and take an opinion on it.

actually, these thougths are an exstension of the night chris and i shared with the whole music thing and appreciating and respecting what the other person listens too. so chris . .i like both these bands that this singer is apart of, whether or not i agree with what he writes and sings about i respect it and im glad he can do what he does, the same goes for you buddy

geoff rickly of thursday and newly united nations

Read more about United Nations and stream their entire debut album here.

PS. chris stop thinking about what Obama and McCains weiners look like and think about the real issues


aaron said...

I can haz United Nations?

God just killed a kitten.

cornbread hell said...

"..it doesnt interest me, i dont really think in the long term so issues that are usually addressed dont hit me too hard, i'll probably learn the hard way down the line..."

that's ok, man. chill. it's not your cup of tea just yet...
in the meantime, we've got your back.