Tuesday, September 2, 2008

google anal.

google analytics is pretty sweet. i use it for work, so i set up an account for our blog. if you goto the bottom of the page you'll see "i can has IP?". you can't look at the stats or anything, b/c you're such a newb, but i'll post some of them up here.

click to get the full picture.

This one is especially special to my heart. It means that most of us know the glory of Firefox (or are a dick and have an iphone) and that only some of us are retarded and use IE. (note: in the real world, IE and FF are flipped, with about 88% of the world being completely and utterly useless. i hate IE. has that been made clear?)

This one just shows the number of visits per day.

This is a map of where people are at when they view the site. Who do we know in Italy?


Chris said...

Alaska is fucking huge.

This is cool, sean.

seanlb said...

also, i picked a funny day to post this, seeing how google is announcing its brand new browser in a few hours. http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/fresh-take-on-browser.html

It might or might not be a FF killer but the hated and horrible and useless IE is certainly going to be gang raped in a watery grave before the day is out. oh wait. no it wont, people are stupid.

Mike Jaynes said...

I just realized that this is our blog's 122nd post.


jk, this info was pretty neat

josephine terese said...

google anal