Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wake the fuck up!

goddamn it people. i miss you...say something witty, mean, and teasing to me! I miss it!

I am getting so tired of school because I am not making any money and continuing to go into debt. So far I'm 17,000 in. Isn't that crazy? For me it is anyways...I've never experienced this. I was a spoiled undergrad b/c my parents paid for my rent and tuition. Now they pay for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I like it that way. My dad treated me like shit most of the time I was growing up so I don't want his money anymore. That's fine with me. I work as a writing tutor still. I'm tired of that too. I want a job more related to the mental health field.

Otherwise, I am still learning interesting stuff and I have school friends (but nothing compared to you guys). I have a cat, a bird, and a cool bf. I have my own place! Remember when Cotten and I lived together? Hah. Hopefully she and I will be hanging out this Sunday.

Mike, I have something for's just a matter of going to the post office. I want to cheer you up you sweet little thing you.


Does anyone know what they want to be for Halloween? I'm going to be Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle.

I'M GOING TO AUSTIN FOR HALLOWEEN (no more party in Humble b/c of an Hockey game at UT) COME WITH ME!


Mike Jaynes said...

Ooo, I need to think of what I'm going to be for Halloween. It's a big deal here in Athens. Also, can't wait for your mail.


aaron said...

come to nac on saturday for tim's party. do it. dont argue, just do it. you can bring that canadian you hang out with if you want.

sarah evil said...

I won't argue because I CANNOT come there. Maybe the Canadian can come without me.

aaron said...

damnit woman!

josephine terese said...

all i'm going to say is that sean and i are going to be a certain pair of twins from a certain show that may or may not be called it's always sunny in a certain city called philadelphia.

sarah evil said...

I never heard of that show.

cornbread hell said...

i will be a bottle of baby oil.