Friday, September 19, 2008

so, answer to my last blog...

just received a text from dru about a minute ago. good thing i'm sitting at the coffeeshop stealing internet and having nothing to do. but drinking free beer. but also listening to crappy horrible hippie drum circle music that's going on outside.

"so i got really drunk last night and ended up breaking in through my apartment window cutting my hand open. how do you know if you should get stitches? <-dru>"

i asked him if he could see any bones. no answer yet.

also, i'm bored. if you couldn't tell already.


"no. just flesh. maybe an inch or so deep? <-dru>"

ryan and bob, who are working at the coffee shop, and one random guy ordering a drink said, yeah, stitches are probably a good idea.


Mike Jaynes said...

I heard the whole, hilarious beautiful story from Katrina. Katie is partially to blame for being as super drunk as Dru.

josephine terese said...