Friday, August 29, 2008

everything is stupid.

also, what the hell is going on with this hurricane? someone tell me if i should be worried because i don't pay attention to my surroundings so i don't know if i'm going to need to evacuate.

ugggggh. someone give me a job. i am so dumb quitting this illegal job without getting a legal one.

also, can someone tell me i have skills cause i feel completely useless. thanks.

i miss mike jaynes already. that dashing young stallion.

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Mike Jaynes said...

This hurricane is probably going to lay waste to the greater Louisiana area, unless it weakens some or drastically switches directions. Houston and Nac will get a lot of rain, though I don't think Houston'll be in too bad of shape.

I'm having to drive through all these evacuatin' motherfuckers though.

Also, I miss you too, Katie. I would call you the opposite of a young stallion but I don't know what it is.