Thursday, August 28, 2008

i'm in grad school.

Man, shit has been whack.

The new job was a bust as they were stealing art from museums and selling them to people in random, freshly-built neighbor hoods under the claim that the art was from model homes and the company was giving the residents an chance to "grab what they'd like for a discounted price of 80% off."

yes. i was apart of an illegal operation for a few hours. this shit was so crazy i can't even explain it on here. it's too wild.

so, today i got up and was like "ok katie. let's teach. you like some kids and being in charge of shit and waking up at 6am and grading papers in your free time at the bar, you should go do this."
so, i did. i originally went just to get info on a teaching certificate for people who have already graduated college and found out that a certificate is only 9 hours away from a masters degree. hell, why not!
so, now i'm trying to hunt down some loans and shit to help me fund my new found career path.



seanlb said...

boom katie.

josephine terese said...

illegality AND teaching, all in one day.

Brian said...

Did you report this opperation?

rabbit! said...

ok, so whyd you quit?

Chris said...

this is the best thing I have heard all day.

aaron said...

did you get your $800 check?