Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dynamo game

for those of you who are going to the Dynamo game, you need to have your shit straight. this isn't an area of your life, or my life, where fucking around is tolerated. you'll get beat and left to sober up in the gutter.

i have about two orange shirts that i'll bring for peeps. i'll be wearing my jumpsuit and my new jersey, and a orange bandanna. possibly my raincoat.

songs. you can listen to them. you'll need to. these are the badass hardhitting mother fuckers that we'll be standing with. most of the time you can pick up the songs as they start, so don't worry. just practice you spanish cusswords. we should go into the staduim with them, it is an experience like no other.

the texian army songs. these guys have a better tailgating setup, so we'll be with them most of the time up until the game. they're all pretty cool. you can bring some money to buy some sweeeet shirts from them. i think 5 bucks gets you all the beer and food you can handle.

after the game we are gonna goto the Mezzanene. the fewer cars the better, that way we have to have fewer DDs....onetwothreeNOTIT!

don't forget to make fun of max because he isn't coming.


Sean Bibby said...

after i wrote this, i got a little choked up and jittery at the same time.


Ouagadougou said...

fuck this. If i dont see you on TV, then you should quit life.

Mike Jaynes said...

Hey Sean it's Katrina's birthday on Saturday, so I think we should go out for her bday somewheres on Saturday... at some point, even if that means going to the Mezzanine and then relocating.

Also bring me a shirt. And I heard something about a "family 4-pack" ticket deal for $60 on the radio last night.

Sean Bibby said...

Is Katrina a Dynamo player? NO? Then I don't care.

Brian said...