Monday, August 11, 2008

we didn't start the fire

hey guys, got this email today.
thought you'd want to read it.
keep in mind that my job is to maintain electric touch's online communities, etc.
I wasn't getting numbers fast enough for them so my boss asked me to get interns. That's who AJ and Joanna are.

Lemme know what you think:

Hey Katie,
What are you doing I haven't heard from you or seen any changes
regarding my past email.
And a few more things,
What are you doing about street teams? I know Jennifer in Austin has
been reaching out to you for et errands, and you sent her some posters
for Last nights show on Friday which is crazy. Have you sent out
anything regarding our cd release to our street team? If not why not,
lets get this out ASAP. Can you send me all the names and regions for
the street teams.
Whats what I hear about Joanna and AJ doing your job, they're our
fans, we just send them fliers not our dirty work. We want to get our
friends involved but not doing our work.
It takes the same time to add a band and as it does a common myspacer.
Please don't start a ruckus lets just get the job done.

Take Care,

Christopher Leigh


Mike Jaynes said...


Is this dude actually a retarded person?

josephine terese said...

what a douchebag.
did you remind him that bosses usually use grammar checking of some sort before they sent rants to their employees?

aaron said...

Uh, yeah.. what Jo said