Thursday, August 21, 2008

a dream fulfilled

I has a kitteh now!

His name is LAZLO....he's precious of course.

He's white and grey...Greg and I caught the little guy outside...he's a stray, but he's very good-tempered...almost monkey-like. He's 6-7 weeks old. He purrs and cuddles and plays. He let me trim his nails.


And I wanted to thank everyone who came to hang out with me while I was in town...I had a great time...felt really good to be back even for a day.

MIKE! I missed you! The upton stop sign is so cool. You guys are awesome.


Mike Jaynes said...

I'm sad I missed you, but I'm glad you had fun. :) And yeah, the Upton sign rules. I have a picture of it as my background on my laptop.

Katie! said...

meow meow meow!

josephine terese said...

whoa i am so excited for you to have a kitty! the best.
i am also sad i missed you. i was off celebrating my grandfather being old.
welcome to the world, lazlo!