Friday, August 29, 2008

i know nobody cares, but the combination of surprise and ego compel me to brag that i totally called both vp choices.


Chris said...

You Called Palin? I have never even heard of this bitch.

She is quite the milf though.

Mike Jaynes said...

Yeah, I didn't know Palin was on the radar for VP choice, bravo. Then again, I haven't followed much of McCain's doings, but I would totally bang Palin.

I guess a hot VP is the only potential upside to a McCain victory.

josephine terese said...

way to be, Predictor

Katie! said...

i think mcain picking palin is the death to his campaign.

wasn't the argument against obama his lack of experience?

we all know girls can't do anything. plus, this bitch ONLY has a BA in like communications and a MINOR in poli sci. seriously?

get out of her miss alaska. you are no good.