Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy birthday to my 4th favorite Bibby!!!!

I can only assume you are going to put your point into "cock size", but im interested to hear for certain. Also, huge earthquake off the coast, care for tsunami!

(1. Sean's Mom
2. Sean's Uncle
3. Josephine?)


Mike Jaynes said...

Come on, Rick Bibby is cool as hell too. Sean's at LEAST fifth.

seanlb said...

awww, you guys.

dru- don't be stupid andrew.

mike- thanks

earth- thank you for breaking apart last night in order to show your pure awe for me.

mount cook- i'll see you in 4 hours. you better have a beer ready for me at your delicious summit.

josephine terese said...

there is no ? about it. i am way cooler than sean

happy birthday