Sunday, October 11, 2009

wedding tweets

i was so lucky to be able to attend the wedding. here are the highlights.

  1. now for the reception and picture taking.
  2. that a was very nice wedding. now for the party!
  3. me: YAY!!!!!!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP hurrah!!!! very sweet! jajajaja
  4. "by the power invested in my by the state of texas i now pronounce you man and wife!"
  5. shelter. warmth. home. one life before you. enter your own home in love. may your days be good and long.
  6. doing the rings now it seems. another laugh.
  7. turning to face eachother. rabbit is probably talking.
  8. i don't know what is going on now.
  9. and ashley says she forsakes all others....
  10. big surprise there, i couldn't hear rabbit much
  11. john is saying "i john take ashley...."
  12. nice preacher stuff about learning about people. ... there was a big laugh just then. don't know about what.
  13. this is perfect! i love it! i think i accidentally said "there's the bride" and they all heard me. i hope not. oops.
  14. they are doing the vows
  15. oops they heard me
  16. two little kids walking by with flowers or whatever. now the main event i think.
  17. was that chris? i think he looked by at me!
  18. there is brian! he looks sharp!
  19. josephine needs to aim me up.
  20. ok. shit is going down. old people walking in. this must be the family
  21. the wedding is 1/2 an hour behind. i hope the batteries live on their side of the world's computer
  22. a big comment was that i have a sweet beard.
  23. i just got passed about the wedding room. good stuff. said hi in a choppy manner to a lot of people.
  24. ok. the wedding is happening soon. i'm going to live tweet this shit out of this wedding that i'm at via skype
  25. about to skype a wedding.


seanlb said...

oh mans, i miss you guys.

josephine terese said...