Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Austin Relocation Tour '09!

Personal update time! So, it's come to this... after some time spent sitting on my ass at home and getting nowhere sending off resumes, I've decided to take matters on the road and ditch the one horse hell hole of Corsicana for greener pastures... and what pasture in this state is greener than Austin? So I'm here in ATX for a little while canvassing for a job to tide me over until I take the Bar this summer. I've been staying with Micky, as well as Sarah and Ryan, who have all been very generous in providing me with a base of operations while I try to line up some employment. I love this city, and figure that it's as good a place as any, and better than most, really, to languish for a time. I'm gonna try and stick around for a little while longer... got an interview next Wednesday for a part time LSAT teaching gig, and past that... well... we'll see what I can find. Wish me luck.

Oh, and if ya'll happen to know of anybody in the Austin area who's hiring underexperienced and overeducated law school grads, gimme a ring. :)



seanlb said...

nice work man. that same plan is in my long term goals. but don't tell my mom, b/c i'm talking years. maybe you'll have a sweet pad i can crash into when i come around.

good shit danny

Micky said...

Greener pastures! hah! I get it =D

Also to seanlb:
He's looking at a pretty sweet house right next to Cotten and Ryan, talk about great location =)
Also your mom is totally awesome. She invited me to a cookie party the other day. How cool is that?


DK said...

No, Micky, that's not what I meant... although I suppose it does fit...