Friday, April 17, 2009


Did Sam die on the 19th? If so, what are we doing to remember him? I propose that everyone make sure that their tattoo is visible all day long. Like, roll up your jeans, cut a hole in your shirt, whatever you have to do, just wear that shit like a badge of honor.

As I'm currently living in the future, I'll be rocking the 1/2 pant leg rolled up look for two days. My 19th and yours.

I'm going sand tobogganing at Cape Reinga, NZ.

I hope that there is a Great Party in Nac.
I hope that when you play wizard that someone cheats as much as I did at the last party I was at.
I hope that the tree is, dead or alive, revered.
I hope there is much cooking in his honor.
I hope you email his mom, dad and brother. As much as we miss him, don't forget their place.
I hope everyone changes their facebook page to a picture of him, or him and you.

This was one of the few dates that I knew would be hard for me to be away for.


Brian said...

hey micky, chris and i are planning on finishing a bottle of jameson on sunday. i think everyone should at least take a shot of it if they can. if not i will be taking enough for you.

Kacey said...

It was the 17th. Today.

I wish I could be in Nac this weekend, but I'm stuck here in Nowhere.

I love you all.

Kacey said...

Or, technically, tomorrow morning.

Kacey said...

Can someone give me his dad's email addy? I don't think I have it.

seanlb said...

shit! i thought it was the 19th. i fail at being a friend! hello bottle of wine!

Kacey said...

It's okay, Sean, I had to look in my journal to double check.

Mike Jaynes said...


trust me. It was the 1am on the night of the 18th, so it was the 19th. It was a Friday night.

rabbit! said...

mikes right. also the tree is looking badass.

Kacey said...

I'm glad the tree is alive!

josephine terese said...

in the jewish faith, there are certain holidays that are celebrated for two days.
according to, "There is an interesting reason for this additional day.

The Jewish calendar is lunar, with each month beginning on the new moon. The new months used to be determined by observation. When the new moon was observed, the Sanhedrin declared the beginning of a new month and sent out messengers to tell people when the month began. People in distant communities could not always be notified of the new moon (and therefore, of the first day of the month), so they did not know the correct day to celebrate. They knew that the old month would be either 29 or 30 days, so if they didn't get notice of the new moon, they celebrated holidays on both possible days.

This practice of celebrating an extra day was maintained as a custom even after we adopted a precise mathematical calendar, because it was the custom of our ancestors. This extra day is not celebrated by Israelis, regardless of whether they are in Israel at the time of the holiday, because it is not the custom of their ancestors, but it is celebrated by everybody else, even if they are visiting Israel at the time of the holiday."
rosh hashana and yom kippur, the happiest and saddest holidays, are both celebrated for two days.

the tree is quite healthy.. i will post a pic soon.

it was technically the 19th.

seanlb said...

yay! well. i got quite a large percent of New Zealand's wine into me last night, so today was all about traveling to the north tip of the north island and having a few beers.

Mike Jaynes said...

I drank whiskey and beer and played poker with friends last night. It was good. I was surrounded by good people. I talked to Max on the phone for awhile. I bought a bottle of Jameson and I'm going to try and avoid sitting alone in my apartment and drinking all of it.

mabeuf said...

I played Civ 4 until 4 am with my roommate. Could not sleep at all, got three hours.

Dominated Civ 4 though.

Finally built the courage to write on Sam's Fbook wall.