Sunday, June 28, 2009


Things that happened to us or we witnessed on our roadtrip to NYC:

  • We spent roughly 30 hours straight five-deep in a car.
  • We listened to songs on our four iPods and two iPhones and had almost no repeats.
  • We quizzed Dan using the power of said iPhones and
  • We drank whiskey from the bottle in Tennessee at 6 in the morning.
  • We got into New Jersey and immediately got rained on.
  • We found our hostel and had drinks at the "Ding Dong Lounge", where one guy assumed we were all gay - later found out it was Pride Week in NYC.
  • Got accused of stealing a French girl's passport who was staying in our room in the hostel. Later, Brian's snoring caused another girl in the room to turn on a spelunking helmet and shine the light in his face until he woke up.
  • Started talking to an Israeli girl who told us she was not on coke at least five times, and later smoked on her roof.
  • Smoked in Central Park about five or six times. Also brazenly smoked on somebody's front steps in the East Village, at 10'o'clock at night.
  • Looked for the Cash Cab, didn't find it.
  • Dan kicked ass at his audition.
  • Saw a guy fall all the way down an escalator right in front of us in New Jersey.
  • Witnessed a city gone wild over MJ's death.
  • Hung out with Eva Parr, who took us around the village.
  • Dan got his picture on the wall of the bar Cheapshots in the village for drinking two truck bombs (think a car bomb, but half a pitcher of guiness instead of half a pint)
  • Carson was refused entry to the bar that sells 5 shots for $10 because of his baggy pants "Hey man, we don't do that. We got a dress code."
And much more. Who wants to move to NYC?


seanlb said...

amazing. i'm so jealous. pictures? who is eva parr?
what was the hostel called?

Mike Jaynes said...

I don't know about pictures, there are some on Brian and Carson's iPhone and Dru's camera. Eva Parr is from Nac and lives in NYC now. The hostel was simply called Central Park Hostel. Nothing noteworthy about it, really, aside from the Poland poster we stole when we left.

josephine terese said...

don't want to move there but do want to go an a roadtrip with you guys there.

when do we find out about jeopardy?

and when do we get to hear about the feathers and sequins (fingers crossed) yall wore at the pride parade?

DK said...

Regarding the tryout:

Nailed it, and got my ass into the official contestant pool. Now to study my Caesars and wait patiently by the phone. Apparently they'll call sometime in the next 18 months, if ever.

Trust me, I'll let you know if this pans out further.


You<3Dru said...

Poland: Freedom For You!

josephine terese said...

omg dan that is amazing. if absolutely nothing else, you are filled enough with trivia to be on jeopardy.

seanlb said...

aaaahhhhhhh i can't stop reading these posts!