Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Micky Baker's Top Ten Albums of the past decade...

This took me awhile. The majority of mine are all linked to memories, so forgive me if I ramble.
I hope you enjoy =D

10)The Crane Wife - The Decemberists (O Valencia!)
I stole the promotional ep of this album from the radio station once we got the entire album because of this song. It was the first Decemberists song I had heard and I was hooked =) Plus this album helped me thru a lot of Victorian lit papers I had to write.

9) Based on a true story - Fat Freddy's Drop (Flashback)
I found this band hidden in the cd's for the World Beat section of the radio station my second year on the radio. Since they are from New Zealand they were put in the world beat. I popped it in and was floored by the awesome beats from the first song and immediately changed up my entire play list just to put this song on next after the weather. Since then I love to put this on in the background when doing almost anything and it makes everything that much better.

8)Music is useless - Manatee (A sound to spite the silence)
A very short lived Austin band that never made it further than this one album (most of them went to college). This album made it's way thru the majority of my graduating class by the end of the year and their last show was amazingly huge and out in the middle of nowhere.

7)Rodeo & Picasso - Recover (Pardon the wait)
Another Austin band, this one went somewhere. I saw them in this really small punk show hosted by a high school. It was my first show ever. They packed us into this little room that was barely 8 feet high and recover was setting up with all of these lights and me and my friends were pressed up like right next to the amps and the band was starting and the lead singer yells out "pardon!" the music starts "the wait!" and the entire crowd rushes forward =D

6)Good news for people who love bad news - Modest Mouse (Float on)
I took my first proper road, around Texas, for a week and a half my first summer of college. Within that time I visited 5 cities/towns saw a few art museums and spent 350+ dollars on cd's. One of them being this one that sparked my love of Modest Mouse. And it rained almost the entire trip.

5)Gorillaz - Gorillaz (Rock the house)
I always seem to come back to this band, and specifically this album. This is a great cruisin round town album. And I'm proud to say that I know 98% of the lyrics of this song. I mess it up every once in awhile =P

4)Perfecting Loneliness - Jets to Brazil (Lucky Charm)
Memories of love won and lost. I bought this album to have something to talk about with her. Never was I more nervous...

3)The Sunset Tree - The Mountain Goats (This Year)
I fell in love with this band only in the past 2-3 years. I never started with an album, merely a random spattering of songs every once in awhile. But it was this song that was the first one I ever put on repeat in my car. And since then I have come to realize that I love almost this entire album.

2)Reunion Tour - The Weakerthans (Night Windows)
I have loved the Weakerthans for a long time. Ever since they made it into some punk compilation CD's that I had gotten for really cheap at a local cd store in high school. And they have never disappointed. I will always love this band =)
I wanted to keep from picking that song as my favorite of this album, but it was hard not to. Granada Theatre April 1st. It was a memorable night. And with people that I love, singing along to the same songs we had all sung before. Sometimes alone, sometimes in chorus. But always in our hearts. This song and that experience will always echo thru my life, but it will never lose it's voice.

1)Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings - Counting Crows (When I dream of Michelangelo)
Wanna talk about a trip to remember. That was one of the best concert experiences I have ever had. And this works on two levels.
We listened to this album a lot on the trip to and from The Weakerthans concert at the Granada. See above =)
My brother also took me to my first Counting Crows show August 3rd 2009 as an early birthday present. I'd have to say the best birthday gift I could ever get. I have been in love with this band since I was in 7th grade; ever since my brother gave me Recovering the Satellites as a present. And I remember every time that I have gotten one of their new albums. It's my own little marker to a highlight in my life =D

And not only was I at my first Counting Crows concert with my brother for my birthday, Adam Duritz sang my all time favorite song. Caravan.

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