Sunday, April 11, 2010

everywhere i go all i ever seem to hear is...

I hope everyone is doing ok and taking good care of themselves. I love you guys. I recently went to Nac with Brian and had a good time. All my expectations were met - I stayed with Smash and Rabbit, went to Flashback's, Java Jacks, and Burger King. I played games and drank. Everyone was enormously nice to me. :) Only way to improve it would have been to have gotten a tat from Pat.

So, guess what? I am graduating with a Masters next month! I'll be moving out of Greg's house and into my own little place, hopefully a garage apartment. I'll be working part time as a therapist at the psych hospital i am currently interning at. Hopefully a full-time position will open up soon and i can get the benefits and quit my low-paying part time job at Arts Alive!. Life will go from there. I'm just going to try and make it through this next year with some sanity intact.

I'm throwing myself a graduation party if anyone can make it to Houston. It'll be on May 15th. I'll send out evites to anyone who I have an email address for. It'll be a daytime thing, but if any of you can make it, I'll provide sleeping arrangements for you and we can go to a bar down the street from my place and party it up.

Again, I hope EVERYONE is OK! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!