Saturday, July 26, 2008

shout out!

thank you for the surprise party everyone. it was amazing. katie, max, dru, sarah, micky, thanks for obviously not liking me enough to come.
just kidding.
if you are not in the know, katie scifres organized a kick-ass surprise party for me. it was especially surprising because my birthday was 14 days prior to last night and i had 2 parties already.
brian and keesee (how the fuck do you spell that) and i went over to mike and sara's to play drinking games but apparently it was actually a party filled with iron-ons of my face on tshirts, cake that was iced to look like clementine, and champagne. by champagne i mean andre. and by andre i mean i drank a whole bottle of it last night. yes, with strawberries and sweet tarts in it. yes, the strawberries were highly alcoholic at the end.
also, for those of you who don't know, sweet tarts and twix are my favorite candies, and they were in abundance as well!

thanks yall.

oh ps did i forget to mention the beyonce standup cutout? yeah, that was there too. new friend for the rock.


sarah evil said...

people sure love you.

Sean Bibby said...

it was 14 days prior? not 9?

Katie! said...

wtf. wasn't even invited.