Wednesday, July 23, 2008

this just happened

i had my earplugs in one ear and people were talking to me so i took them out, but i wasn't looking and it landed in my chocolate milk so i was like "fuuuuck! and sucked the milk off of it and it was just in my ear.


that's okay right? because it's my ear wax?

please let me know what you people think about this, because i'm now offically the black sheep in the office.


sarah evil said...

i woulda done it. but i'm gross, so maybe my opinion doesn't count.

Sean Bibby said...


Chris said...

yeah I don't understand why that would be gross

josephine terese said...

i don't think you are gross for doing that, but i totally hate the taste of ear wax.
come on, you all know what it tastes like. you stick your finger in your ear for a little itch and later, forgetting there's bitter yellow shit on your finger, you pick something out of your teeth. worst thing that has ever happened in your mouth.
unless you're a hooker. then probably some worse things have happened in your mouth.

Ouagadougou said...
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Ouagadougou said...

I was going to write a comment, but it would have started with 'I found out that I like it when.'

So I just stopped and posted this instead.

Katie! said...

i accumulate a lot of ear wax. it's just something i've learned to live with. and now i've tasted ear wax and chocolate milk.

it really wasn't a bad combo. but i've seriously grossed out all the people around me.