Thursday, March 12, 2009

5 nights in Bangkok pt 1

On March 3rd I've officially started my excursion around Southeast Asia. The first place I've been to is Bangkok, Thailand. It's known as the Land of Eternal Smiles. And has really humid climate especially during the March and since it's there dry season.

For the first 5 days I've been exploring the city of Bangkok. My first night in Bangkok I was pretty tired since I had to catch a flight to Taipei which took two hours. Then got to Bangkok and didn't arrive there till 3:15 in the morning and my hostel didn't open till 6 in the morning. So I decided to wait till the bus to open up. But in Bangkok the Taxi drivers are pretty persistent to the point that they will follow you around the place even as far go to the bathroom with you.

I was tired during my day in Bangkok. The second day went to the half day tour. First I went to the Floating Market for a few hours and then hung around some Elephants for a few minutes. Then later on It gets interesting got to hang around some snakes and I actually got to hold on to one. Later on that night played some really kicksass 5 0n 5 ultimate with the expats in an army base in Thailand.


Mike Jaynes said...

What's the floating market? It sounds pretty sweet.

This is great, though, I'm glad you posted this! Keep us posted of wacky Southeast Asian adventures.

seanlb said...

what a great picture of you and the elephant.

rabbit! said...

this is awesome. thanks for the post zero

You<3Dru said...

damn zero, thats fucking sweet