Friday, March 13, 2009

Bangkok Pt 2

Guess where the Japanese are.

The Train of Death

The Train of Death

The Death Railway

It's whats for dinner.

On 2nd part of my trip I went to the Kanchanaburi and visited the Burma Railway AKA as Death Railway. It was the railroad built by the Japanese during World WAR II in support of the Burma Campaign. It was a forced labor camp during World War II. Where there work force was made up 180,000 Asian Labor Workers and 60,000 Allied POWs.

Our tour guide was this Middle Age Thai guy that loves to take so much pictures of the group in particular this Aussie chick. Later on the trip we went around the River kwai and border on the Death Railway train. It was a pretty intense first half of the trip.

I'll pay someone 20 USD to complete this obstacle course

The End of the Line!

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