Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Thailand Chronicles Pt 3 Hanging with the TIgers!

After Lunch I got to go to the Tiger Temple. It's a place where you can actually get up close and personal with Tigers.  It cost me 600 Baht or 17 USD just to hang out with the tigers. I was able to take some pictures with some really big tigers that were  taking there really long aftenoon nap.  Later took some really kick ass photos with some Tiger Cubs.

The Start of an interesting night!

Later on the night was pretty interesting. Since Thailand is known as the lady boy capital of world and a whole lot of interesting stuff. That night we start out going to some strip club in Thailand. It was not like any other strip show back in the states. They would do lots of interesting tricks with the Vagine. One trick I saw was when  they would shoot the Ping pong with there Vagine.


seanlb said...


so good. i can't wait to see more.

mabeuf said...

hahahaha zero classic

Mike Jaynes said...

Hahah, tricks with the Vagine. That's awesome. So are the tigers.