Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Irish Wedding Dancing

Here's some video of Irish dancing (it's called ceili - pronounced Kay-lee)at my sister's recent wedding. It was pretty awesome. I wish we always danced like that!

I'm in front in the first video and Greg is the extra-bouncy one in a red shirt. My sister, obviously, is the one in white.

It's funny watching people (myself included) mess up and get corrected by the instructor. :)


bonzaig said...

A dance named after me?! We should all do it! :)

josephine terese said...

that looks like fun! let's all do it.

Katie said...

i went to one of these in Scotland. I have a video on my youtube too. but not gonna lie, i was really trying to film this crazy lady across the table from me. too bad she wasnt crazy.

anyway, its fun huh? hope youre doing well sarah. :)


sarah evil said...

thanks for sharing katie! that was quite an uneventful video you posted. ;)

i'm good. hope you are too!!