Saturday, September 26, 2009

ive been gone a long time

hey dudes, it has been a while. it had def been a hard month, trying to find a job, an apartment and dealing with other stuff. but after all that stress I moved into a new apartment with my friends dustinn and reagan. and i got a job! my apartment is off westheimer and dunvale, which is basically like 10-15 mins from everything i need. AMC and walmart across the street, chipotle down the street, 10 minutes from the museum district, 10 minutes from dru ( hey man ). Although i have job, its starting to annoy me. the chefs are deuchers. apparently i did somethign wrong the other night and i should be "expecting a talk" at work today. am i fucking twelve?! anyway ill prolly start looking else where. oh yeah the place i work is called beavers and its BBQ set in fine dining kinda, cocktails and whatnot. nothing special. but then again i never really took a liking to BBQ so . . .

in good news, dustinn and i went to see every time i die last night at the new house of blues and it was sweet. its basically a better verizon wireless. the show was just what i needed to get my spirits up. i feel like myself at shows, which i havent been feeling lately.

cant wait for the wedding, i miss all of you.

also i should be having a house warming party in the future i will notify in advance.


sarah evil said...

i bet everyone would go to your housewarming party and not mine.

i was just in your area last night - that walmart is shit town.

i know your stress for sure - i haven't felt myself either. i still haven't gotten a job! it's hard when i intern (no pay) b/c it limits my available work hours.

also, guess what? i've been pursuing an education to get a job i finally realized isn't right for me. so i basically have wasted a huge chunk of my life and money. damn.

DK said...

God, I hear that, Evil Sarah. Don't fret about wasted time, though... I've learned the hard way that this just compounds the problem.

Keep your chin up, and I'll do the same.


seanlb said...

fucking sweet bro. i'm glad to hear you are getting set up, and with dustinnnnnn too. that's cool.

i hope you start feeling yourself more. i know how much you like that.

invite me via interwebs to the housewarming party.

josephine terese said...

i am for the term "deuchers," expecially if we're talking about your mom's maiden name.

and i am for the restaurant being names "beavers" because that is vaginas!

You<3Dru said...

(hey man, hey)

@sean: lol i thought the same thing

smashly said...

I second what Josephine said and i would go to your housewarming party sarah. i would.
i cant wait to see everyone at the wedding.
my family is going to think I'm crazy.

josephine terese said...

guess what.
(you are.)

smashly said...

ok chodesephine