Saturday, March 6, 2010

oh my god . . .joannie

ok so like most torrent search sites, the one i use is primarily populated by porn, so when i see things like this, i gotta click on it and take a gander. im so shocked and confused i dont think i want to down load it and see if its real or not, bu the screen shots definitely look real. ok so without further delay . . ready for it? girl with three boobs!

these are screen shots from a PORN.

3 boobs mcgee


Mike Jaynes said...



this is like total recall all over again, but with more dicks.

I'm not sure if it's real or not either, but the idea of a woman somehow FAKING this condition somehow in the effort of appealing to... 3-tit-fetishists? do those exist? ...seems insane.

bonzaig said...

whoa. ew.

Brian said...

im not gonna lie, when i grew up watching total recall i thought "wow thats so sweet that lady has three boobies, i cant wait till i get to hike school!"

but you know what, not that cool, mostly creepy.

josephine terese said...

my question is why is the guy wearing that douchebag outfit DURING SEX?