Sunday, March 7, 2010


first off, i cant watch them until i get off work tonight so if i get any texts about it i will crap on your face. you know me, and you know i love watching the oscars. dont ruin it for me

that being said these are my picks for the major categories, i havent seen all of the movies, so this is based on what ive seen.

best picture
i want district 9
precious deserves it
but avatar will most likely get it

Best actress
Gabourey Sidibe

Best Actor
ive only seen 2 of the
nominees, (up in the air, hurt locker)
my pick would be neither of them
i think jeff bridges will win

Best Supporting actress
Mo'nique, from precious

Best supporting actor
Christoph Waltz . . hands downskies

Best Director
James Cameron, believe what you want, but he has in fact revolutionized the way movies will be made.

Best Screen play
Quentin Tarantino

Best Cinematography
In a traditional sense, hurt locker should win, avatar had changed the way we "look through" a camera. And im pretty sure james cameron taught his wife everything she knows so in a way, he wins.
"whats the name of this game? . . .'I WIN!!'

Best Animated Film


Brian said...

dammit all!

bonzaig said...

I was pretty pleased with the winners last night. And super happy for Sandra Bullock and hottie mchotterson Christoph Waltz. And glad that Avatar didn't sweep it all.

Just my opinion.

Brian said...

sandra bullock blows goat balls, how do you not see this?