Thursday, February 26, 2009

almost forgota headline.

friends, i need a count of how many shirts to order.

maybe sean can make a size list at the top of the page so i can figure this out in an easier fashion. all these random postings are stressing me out.

the sizes and amount vary in cost, so it's really important that i know an exact number and if i should order a few extra just in case. ( i will probably do this, but i need someone to second me on it first. thanks.)

i told val we'd probably order 35 shirts. is this an accurate count? i was counting all the people on this blog, but the others like kacey's sister etc. but i know there are people i'm missing. the max we can order on short notice is 40. please let me know asap if this is what we need to order.

also, brian can you email me the actual size thing. i tried to send the saved pic i have from this to val and she couldn't open it. thanks.

<3333 love you!!!!


Mike Jaynes said...

Me, You, Dru, Max, Jo, Chris, Brian, Aaron, Brad, Kacey, Jessie, Micky, Rabbit, Ashley, Sadie, Sean, Erin, Kaylie, Evil/Cotten? Who else is going to want one?

I just feel like there probably won't be a need for 35 shirts, I dunno.

seanlb said...

i'm at a wedding/wedding errands all day. i'll try tomorrow.

Brian said...

that was a knock off image i did in paint with cut and paste, it wont help any.

Kacey said...

Lillie also wants one in a small, fyi!