Wednesday, October 8, 2008

guess what, evil?

this girl finally got herself a job! it's at this irish restaurant/pub place called fiddler's hearth. so hopefully i can come to san marcos soon. i don't start till the 18th, so it might be a little while till i can come cause i'll have to pay rent and stuff but soon after that, i promise!

other than that, life is good. i'm sitting at clementine's coffee bar watching harold and maude on the patio, drinking a beer.


josephine terese said...

clementine's coffee bar? that is badass.
cause of the dog. clementine. yes?

Kacey said...


Harold and Maude at Clementine's Coffee bar? That's a double win.

seanlb said...

hey it was great seeing you last weekend!!!

sarah evil said...

YAY! It won't cost you much to come see me...hurry up and save yourself 15 bucks. Don't eat for a few days or something.