Friday, October 10, 2008

whats better than a bass ukelele?

the piano/eukelele/kazoo (final countdown included for free)


rabbit! said...

i love you for showing this to me

seanlb said...

i love that in a world of twitter, blogger, rss feeds, onion news, hulu, bit torrents, itunes and more dru still rock Fark.
people are asking me what it is about. and i don't know how one doesn't know about fark. it is the grandfather of all link sharing. wikipedia it. oh- and it predates even wikis. it predates everything!

Kacey said...


You just made my life better.

Brian said...

i watched like 20 seconds of this the other day on college humor and i must say at first i did not know it was a guy until he started singing.

also in support of fark, this was post beforte i saw it on college humor which means fark is up with the times and way more leet. its like the nexus lexus of sweet news and other stuffs.