Thursday, October 23, 2008

some quotes from my house last night

the whole time i'm trying not to say anything.

"the daily show is actually more conservative than the colbert report"

"no, the colbert report is. colbert is really the most conservative person on tv, and he's just fooling everyone."

about palin "i don't like 'that' woman. not that i'm anti-women, but i don't like her......if a woman is president, i'm moving to canada."

and then i kinda had to focus on my mouth staying closed.


josephine terese said...

but seriously, how could you stand it if a person with ovaries ran the country? it's just OUT OF THE QUESTION.

janette said...

it just scares me that there exists so many idiots in this country.

janette said...

that there exist so many....?
English majors, help me out here

Kacey said...

Woah. They do realize that Colbert Report is satire, right?
Do they know what satire is?

Back when Hilary was still running, the high school class that I was student teaching had a huge discussion about how a woman could never manage the country right after a conversation about Queen Elizabeth leading the British Navy to defeat the Spanish Armada. I was both amused and dumbfounded.

Mike Jaynes said...

Who the fuck were these people and why were they at your house?

How in the hell can anybody confuse the Daily Show's political bent?


You<3Dru said...

i hear their periods attract bears... how would the capitol get any work done if they had to spend all day dodging bears?