Monday, October 27, 2008

Nac Attack

I will miss the Halloween Party. If there is some facebook invite for it, I never got it. That doesn't matter, cause I can't go to it. I miss Nac. I miss my friends. Life here is not as cool and exciting. You guys are all so individually weird and good that I don't think I can find a replacement clique.


seanlb said...

shit. i guess i should have posted the party details on here. uhhh.... everyone is invited.
this friday. costumes mandatory (not like i have to tell you)
come whenever.
no under 21 drinking.
must have a DD.
kareoke contest
costume contest
send me an email for more info seanlb {at] gmail

Mike Jaynes said...

I'm not weird I'm eccentric

Brad said...

im weird.

stop frontin mike

were all weird as shit. own it.