Monday, October 27, 2008

order of shit mabeuf needs

1. Dynamo 3-peat
2. obama/begich victory
3. stevens guilty

well my friends, check off #3!!!!!! stevens was found guilty, and white that is in no way (read:zip zilch zero none) a guarantee of begich's victory on the 4th, it certainly keeps him from head-shot that an innocent verdict would have been.

call and congratulate mabeuf!!

the streets of nacogdoches will run with the booze of today's victory in alaska and the rest of the world!


josephine terese said...

i love ted stevens and everything he represents.
i heard you can see russia from his house.

Mike Jaynes said...

Man, that rules so hard

You<3Dru said...

Meh, he seems like a nice guy