Thursday, October 23, 2008

stupid experience

I didn't get ANOTHER job I interviewed for. It was a grad research assistant job where I'd do research and co-facilitate a training program for teen parents.

I didn't have as much experience as some other applicant.


I am so sick of being a fucking writing tutor. I hate it. I've outgrown it or it's outgrown me, whatever. I need something more related to counseling and helping others (with LIFE problems, not writing papers).

I hate life at this moment.

I want to cry, but I'm at my stupid writing center job, where I make very little money and am beginning to hate every stupid fucking freshman and ESL student that walks in here. Fucking bucket heads.

I want a beer.


Mike Jaynes said...

Hey, I feel some of your pain. In that freshmen are dumb and their papers are dumb and I have to try and make them less dumb. :[ I'm sorry to hear that, though. I hope you're able to find something that makes you more happy soon..

I'm thinking of getting a job with this online writing center, smartthinking - one of my fellow MA students has worked for them for awhile and they sound legit - for extra money. I'll probably be insane by the end of this academic year.

josephine terese said...

silly mike, you're already insane.

i'm sorry sarah, that sucks. but i'm sure something better will come real soon.
on the plus side, i saw a girl on campus who looked like a younger version of you. needless to say, she was pretty.

sarah evil said...

thanks jo!